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    Welcome, dbowmaneod

    Interesting. Then, I would suggest you look into a hydro shield for the intake if that's where the location of the air filter will be.
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    Welcome, dbowmaneod

    When the downpipe arrives and you install it, also revert back to the stock intake at that time. Then, you can flash the 93 octane Stage 2 map. Also, I don't know if you're aware regarding the proper procedure once you reset/reflash the ECU. Whenever your ECU loses connection to the battery...
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    FS: FlatOut Suspension ST52 Coil Overs

    Nasioc, IWSTI, Craigslist, eBay, and Instagram with hashtags. Do you have them posted on all those sites?
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    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7900, Did you miss us, @War_Panda04 ? Have you been faring well?
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    Welcome, dbowmaneod

    Based on your mod list, you only state the car has a catback exhaust, meaning the downpipe is stock. Is this correct? Stage 2 is meant for an aftermarket downpipe, so there are some clashes that arise if you do indeed still have the stock downpipe. I looked on Cobb's website and they don't...
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    Welcome, dbowmaneod

    Which OTS map did you flash?
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    Thank you for becoming a premium member!

    :ty: and :welcome: to Platinum, @dbowmaneod !
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    Welcome, dbowmaneod

    Welcome to IGOTASTI!!! You're going to absolutely love it here!! Post some pictures of the ride! What other cars have you had in the past? How does the STi compare to them? Is there anything that you don't like about the STi? What do you love about it? Were you contemplating on any other cars...
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    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    A heat shield is the only thing that I DON'T have. :lol: A turbo blanket will alleviate majority of the excess heat. In addition to the heat shield that you purchased, I heavily recommend also purchasing a turbo blanket. :tup:
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    Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilover Review

    I'm excited to read about your experience in the upcoming updates!
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    Got a 2005 STi Widebody

    First of all, welcome to IGOTASTI!!! You're going to absolutely love it here!! Second, wow, that is sick! You definitely don't see these body kits any more these days. I think it looks great! So, you have a 2005 STi with a hawkeye front end conversion, or are you located in Japan? Post some...
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    The IGOTASTi rear strut clunk fix

    It's good to have you back! What issue do you currently have?
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    Kontras Performance was TERRIBLE

    I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel right now, especially with your resources gone to waste. There are a lot of red flags. Thanks for sharing your situation, even though it's unfortunate. Keep us updated on further progress, and I hope things swing in your favor.
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    Kontras Performance Columbus Ohio

    Wow, that's quite an unfortunate experience. Not exactly something we'd like to hear, especially if they didn't fix their mistakes.