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    COBB Tuning Project - Green Speed 4-18-22 So our old map can't be edited anymore? Since most of us have something deleted of sorts, and I'm assuming the same for the mirroring sensor :( Thanks alot, California. :cautious: Thoughts? @HolyCrapItsFast Maybe back to open source...
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    2015 GBP STi Limited

    Holy I need to get back on here lol its been awhile, hey guys! IGOTASTi Alin Batmobile_Engage HolyCrapItsFast long time no chat So I swapped my Maxtons lip kit to the new redline version and freshly ordered the front lip via Defined Performance Even got the middle pipe to upgrade my ETS axle...
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    Best way to sell stuff on Craigslist?

    Try out Offer Up and Let Go apps on your phone, kinda like the new craigslist for the current generation. Also lets you select if your willing to ship the item as well, otherwise it will target the locals.
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    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7704 oh my lol you have me curious :lol: oh man, two cars down? :( eventually repairing them both while you're using the Passat?
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    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7701 Doing great up here in WA :) Anyone with new stuff over the holidays?
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    2015 GBP STi Limited

    I have a bunch of parts just sitting in boxes lol think I need extra hands to help cause my little one too young to be an assistant lol daddy duties been tying up my hands lately. Anywho, winter is here :)
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    my 2016 sti

    Thanks, it looks like this
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    my 2016 sti

    That's awesome, my wife recently picked up a subie rc for me as well, I was thinking about building a second one. By chance is this kit on amazon any good? 1/10 Alloy Carbon TT01 TT01E Shaft Drive 4WD Racing Touring Car Frame Been trying to familiarize myself with what's actually good out there
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    Clutch Noise

    video by chance? Mine went out at 23k miles but they gave me a whole new clutch and clutch pedal. There was a TSB for 15-16's, should have been corrected after that but my failure was way more that just a tob or w/e. My clutch sounded like a creaking office chair, turned out my clutch was toast...
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    2015 GBP STi Limited

    Car club's trophy, not personally mine but yea lol been busy. I did manage to snag a fuel pump, just waiting on an ebcs and hopefully holy can mod my tune for it sometime in the future :) Still need a hand installing a bunch of other things like the pitch stop + pitch stop brace, transmission...
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    New Subaru Owner

    Welcome! If your wanting simple aesthetic mods, I'd suggest the rally armors, they catch so much grime and protect the paint :)
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    New SoFlo member

    Welcome! You will definitely find good info here and post up a pic of the whip!
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    New Member & New to Subaru ownership

    Welcome! You will find alot of useful info here so feel free to ask away :) Feel free to log your journey on the member's journal section
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    Tapatalk *Mobile App*

    Didn't even need to uninstall, just clear data & clear cache worked for me [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk