The 2015 STi is my 7th Subaru, the first being a 99' Outback Sport. I then moved up to a 02' RS 2.5, a year later I got 07' Hawkeye WRX. I totaled that in a winter crash and was able to get another 07' Hawkeye, but Stage 2. I then purchased a 02' Outback/Legacy Sedan for a winter beater. I traded the 07' Hawkeye in for my first STi.

I work tech support in Rochester, I'm originally from KY but have been here for 20+ years. I'm into Basketball, football, crossfit, cars and chess. A lot more but this is just a snippet.

Cars, Chess, sports and weightlifting.
February 11
Rochester, NY
IT Support
2015 Subaru WRX STi WRB