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    Subaru Viziv Performance STI Concept has us dreaming of a future WRX STI

    The fender flares look a little weird. Like they should be rounded to flow better. It looks futuristic. Hood scoup looks too small. As long as it makes 350 HP/TQ and gets 28mpg I will take one! :)
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    Reverend's Hyper Blue WRX STI

    Looks great!
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    Installing LOC, Amp to stock 7" starlink

    Hi Everyone, Is there a LOC with a harness where I dont have to cut any wires? I have no problem running the power wire, ground, speaker wire to subs, and RCA's; however I don't feel comfortable cutting into the factory wiring. I picked up a corner sub box with two 8" subs. A local audio shop...
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    Hello, new to site from NW Indiana '05 STi & '04 FXT

    Welcome to the Forums. I always liked that body style STi. Still looks great.
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    New member

    Welcome to the forums!
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    New Member

    Welcome to the forums. Any plans to mod interior, exterior, or engine?
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    The FNG

    LOL I live I a small town! I am only 2 miles from my work. This is even my daily. I will be taking it on some trips though I'm sure. My last vehicle I put on about 7K miles per year.
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    The FNG

    Wow this month I put a whopping 350 miles on mine!
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    VA Kenpo Sti's 2017 STi

    Thanks! I am very happy with the overall look of it. You know the nice thing about the ceramic is that the percentage doesn't matter so much with heat rejection itself. They even have a clear sample set up and it's amazing. It was a good bit more than basic tint, but I plan to have the car a...
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    VA Kenpo Sti's 2017 STi

    Here it is all done! Two before pics for reference:
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    VA Kenpo Sti's 2017 STi

    I snapped a few pics that will be just below. I went with 28% all around except the front windshield visor is 5% down to the AS1 line. I did go with the Ceramic tint. I can tell the vehicle didn't take long to cool down and seemed to definitely help with keeping some heat out!
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    VA Kenpo Sti's 2017 STi

    Thanks I'm excited for sure :)
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    VA Kenpo Sti's 2017 STi

    Just finished up a Rinseless Wash before the car goes in for tint tomorrow. It's late and garage doesn't have the best lighting.
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    The Official Food, Cooking & Gardening Thread

    First attempt at making a Vietnamese iced coffee. Was pretty tasty! Have to work on the ratios a little, but not bad for a first try.
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    New member

    That looks great! Welcome to the forum!