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  1. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    I also installed my Invidia Catted Downpipe and SS N1 exhaust, as well as the GTSPEC steering wheel. Man I'm in love with the steering wheel! As weird as that sounds, it is that much better. I will update my mod list now and add pictures later tonight. Thanks for reading Sent from my iPhone...
  2. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    Finally... Another update! I installed the pads and rotors back in October, and just a week ago took the HP+ pads off in favor of Stoptech street pads for daily use. I absolutely could not stand the squeaking of the Hawks.. The stopping power is the best I've ever seen, but at the price of too...
  3. WesternSTi

    New to this forum

    Welcome to the forum! It's a great place to learn! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. WesternSTi

    What has happened to the Subaru Community?

    AWD_Army happened. Seriously man... That group has changed things about the whole Subaru community. Also, it's a psychological fact that the less information people have to give out about themselves, the more likely they are to be mean-spirited. I will always support sites like this who...
  5. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    Its been a while since I updated this thread, so here's a few changes since the last time. The Mods continue to pile up in my garage. They include: Invidia Catted Downpipe Cobb Heat Shield Turbo Blanket Galvez Customs Canards JDM Third Brake Light Torque Solutions Pitch Stop Mount...
  6. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    Sorry about the recent absence. Back about 4 months ago, my GM, AGM, and Commercial Manager at work quit around the same time, so we all were working overtime. The store is back on it's feet now and even better, so I should be around more. I have quite a few modifications that have been sitting...
  7. WesternSTi

    HolyCrapItsFast... Cyberu belongs to someone else now.

    Welcome back! Sorry I'm a little late.... :D
  8. WesternSTi

    Picked up my new girl 5/18

    Welcome to the IGOTASTI community!!!
  9. WesternSTi

    Price quote for some Exterior Bits

    Anybody else??
  10. WesternSTi

    Price quote for some Exterior Bits

    I'd like a Price quote on: -STi-style side skirts(the one with the little triangle at the back) - HT Autos Rear Diffuser v2 for a 2013 STi Sedan. Thanks in advance!
  11. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    And the wheels are on! It turned out EXACTLY how I thought/wanted it to look. Now I just have to complete the look with coilovers and finish the lip all the way around (Sides and Rear)
  12. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    I think the next mod, after the Wheels, that I'm going to do is a bit of aero pieces and then the Turn-In Concepts Holy Shift Kit. Looking for opinions on whether I should go with something like AeroFlow Dynamics Front Splitter, Canards, sides, and rear pieces, or something a bit more simple...
  13. WesternSTi

    *REPOST* How to get an entire industry against you.. (Subaru Content)

    I love it when people resort to bad mouthing for no good reason. It's so professional! :x Forget him. Y'all keep doing great things for the Subaru Community!!!
  14. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    Yeah.....We just did a little "courhouse wedding" in our backyard, but that was the way we both wanted it. Short and sweet! Plus, more money that could go toward the house....and the car. LOL. Modding is seriously a virus...I just can't stop doing it!
  15. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    Lots of changes have been going on with me and my car, so I figure I'll post them here. I got married on Friday, and started moved into a house the next day. I've got a couple of mods installed since my last update, plus one that's waiting to go on on Sammie. PLUS, I may or may not finally be...
  16. WesternSTi

    hey everyone, new here, signed up today, and want to share!

    Welcome to IGOTASTI, one of the best communities on the interwebs!
  17. WesternSTi

    2016 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Information

    Yeah... There are so many little things that should be offered on the STi that would make a HUGE difference in sales. 2016 won't see a whole lot of changes, but 2018 probably will. It's anyone's guess though. After all, Subaru only kept the Hawkeye design for 2 years.
  18. WesternSTi

    exhaust vs tune

    Everything engine wise that you do to your turbo Subaru, short of a K&N Drop in Filter, requires a tune afterward. Everything. :)
  19. WesternSTi

    Racey Subaru BRZ spied on New York Auto Show floor

    Subaru finally listened!!! Looks sick and is probably Turbocharged. They should exchange the wheels on there with the black ones from the series blue. That would be perfection!!
  20. WesternSTi

    GV- "Sammie the Subie" 2013 STi in WRB

    I got the 30K service done a few days ago. While I was at AllPro, I had them install anti-lift kit and my end links while they were at it. Man, it's a completely different car! I love it. All the rattling doesn't bother me because I've had nothing but stiff riding cars. If you're used to...