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    Piggyback removal

    Hello all, has anyone ever removed a Turboxs delta9 piggyback system from their subie? I am hoping it?s a pretty standard uninstall process, any all info appreciated. My son and I are hoping to uninstall, then install a new Cobb APv3, then get the car tuned, also this motor is built, will the...
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    04 STI vs 06 STI? Major/minor differences?

    Just hoping someone may have a lead on a thread that compares the 2 years and what was switched up? If in fact there is any real major differences besides being the Hawkeye style, any info appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ecu timing on a built motor

    Good day any and all advice and input is welcome: my son bought an 04 STI with a built motor, 10:1 compression, bored likely 30thousandth over, eagle connecting rods, C.P. pistons, AMR top mount intercooler, AMR big turbo, snow performance water/meth injection, 850cc Deautschworks injectors...
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    Wondering if anyone knows if the hvac parts from an 02 Impreza will transfer into an 04 STI, blower motor, relays, etc. Any quick information is greatly appreciated. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Clifford alarm system

    So when putting my ?04 sti back together after heater core replace, I ran into the following issue. My car came with this installed prior and worked great, not sure if it?s purpose though, it was piggy backed into factory alarm system, car has a kill switch installed as well, So first off the...
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    Back again

    Hey squad just got my car back on the road, glad to be back in the community, great info on here, keep up the great work guys/gals. 2004 wrx STI is my ride.