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  1. Eagleye

    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7889 - Congrats! And enjoy. Kids are awesome. @Alin - Honestly...I'll just see where the car takes me. Each item that starts to rattle, wear, or fail will become a reason to learn everything I can about it and replace it with something better if possible. I use to have big plans which...
  2. Eagleye

    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7883 I get that, I sold my 06 years ago because I saw the money pit potential and I really needed to be rid of my student loans. My 15 is paid off this June, so then it is time to decide if I am doing more to it or leaving it alone.
  3. Eagleye

    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7881, not going to be many STis left around here before long! Congrats on the truck, looks nice.
  4. Eagleye

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Some pictures from our hikes today. Last one is 2 of the 4 eagles we saw (Picture rotated).
  5. Eagleye

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Yeah still in PA, up near Williamsport Just taking a few days to hang out and hike with the family. Not much planned. We rented a cabin through Airbnb for $89/night, tough to beat for a nice little place with everything we need. I’ll take some pictures to post.
  6. Eagleye

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Been a while! I keep monitoring the site but have not posted in quite a while. Just stopping in to say hello from a cabin in the woods.
  7. Eagleye

    How to ask your wife/GF for more parts!

    Well played sir
  8. Eagleye

    Overheating sti

    A few things. Check the coolant with the car cold and make sure it?s at or just above the min fill line. Keep the cap off briefly when you start it up to let any air bubbles out of the system. Get yourself an overflow reservoir, they are cheap...
  9. Eagleye

    Hey from Australia!

    Looks great. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Eagleye

    Flex Fuel tuning, blending.

    Sorry above my pay grade, I would trust Holy on this one. Send him a PM. As long as you aren?t in a big hurry he should get back to you eventually. There is another really good tuning guide floating around. If I find it I?ll post a link. good luck!
  11. Eagleye

    Noises after shifter bushings

    Maybe it?s just the audio quality or my phone speakers but the little bit of noise I heard would not have me worried. As suggested, I would start with fluid. If the sound gets louder it is likely that you have some wear or light damage causing the noise. Old fluid can sometimes help mask the...
  12. Eagleye

    05 STI Rain Guards

    Agreed, Jordan is the man. Been buying from him for 10 years now. I?ve never found a lower price and better guy to work with.
  13. Eagleye

    New guy

    Welcome! Let us know if we can help you out with anything.
  14. Eagleye

    Hi Guys, new member here.

    Sorry late to the party here. I skimmed through the replies after the initial post but that does not sound good. There are several things that could have failed to cause your current situation. The fact that oil pressure was fluctuating before the failure and 6k wot leads me to believe this was...
  15. Eagleye

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Gotcha, that is a tough climb carrying extra weight. You probably have a long cage derailleur. Maybe get an 11-34 like I have? Doesn't sound like much but it would change the gear ratio by .06, might be worth a shot. The 105 11-34 cassette is about $45. And you should not need to change the...
  16. Eagleye

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Grinder34 what gearing does yours have? Mine has a 50/34 with 11-34 in the back. The 34-34 makes me feel like I can climb anything.
  17. Eagleye

    Whats up all

    Was there a turbo upgrade to warrant the 1200cc injectors? That is a good bit for Stage 2. I bring it up because you mention using it as a daily. Big injectors that are not being utilized are not the most reliable in my experience. The stock fueling system on these cars is not the best. Was...
  18. Eagleye

    KLC 182 Whiteline endlinks

    Whiteline makes good stuff, but I would not go adjustable. IMO for 99% of people, adjustable endlinks exist only to help with fitment of poorly made parts.
  19. Eagleye

    Oh great. Another new guy.....

    Welcome, sounds like you have some serious plans. Should be fun to see/hear about the progress. How do you like FFVII? I played the demo and loved the original as a kid. I sunk so many hours into that game. The PC I built can run any game (that is cross platform) I have for ps4 with better...