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  1. Alin

    Interesting new Tire website I came across For the tires that I searched in the sizes that my cars use, the prices are extremely fair, sometimes in the buyer's favor. They also claim free shipping with Fedex, which is beyond me as I have no idea how they're making a profit. So, a set of 7-8/32nd tread...
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    Life of the Party

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    Are you sure?

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    Manual Oil Extractor/Pump

    I bought this mainly out of curiosity. The claim was that this device makes oil changes exceptionally simple and easy to perform. Other reviews stated that it extracts roughly 95% of the oil out of the engine, which sounded adequate enough for me. This was literally the easiest oil change I...
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    Is this a byproduct of increased rotational mass?

    Rim weights only: The stock 15" rims on my TDI weigh ~17 lb. (195/65R15 tire mounted on.) The current 17" rims that I have mounted weigh ~23 lb. (225/45R17 tire mounted on.) I haven't measured the actual weights with tires on a scale, but let's compare just the rims' weights for the sake of...
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    The Overall Diameter of Rims, Their Advantages, and Their Disadvantages

    Why are car manufacturers deciding to increase the diameters of the rims they equip their vehicles with? I understand the reasoning when it comes to clearing brake calipers on performance oriented models. However, a car that can have 16" rims mounted on due to small calipers should not need to...
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    It hurts to look at!

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    Issues with the forum loading the past couple of days

    Has anyone been experienced severe lag and/or inaccessibility to the forum these past couple of days? Sometimes I get a blank page saying the forum can't be reached and sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes to load a page. Whether I stop the page from loading or not, nothing happens. Close the tab...
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    What is the proper way of getting inside a vehicle?

    I've seen two different ways: 1) Insert leg first, then sit down 2) Sit down with legs outside of vehicle, then move legs into vehicle I personally do number 1. I don't understand how number 2 works exactly. You're ruining the side bolster and bottom of the seats with excessive wear and tear...
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    Type RA, S209, and different oil compared to the standard STi

    This is old information, but I've only stumbled upon it now... How is it that STI (and not Subaru) recommends 5W-40 oil in the Type RA and S209, whereas the standard STi models are still 5W-30? Shouldn't this change the entire scope of the lineup and apply this to the standard STi as well...
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    A Small Price To Pay For Salvation

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    You Can't Fix Stupid

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    Oh, The Heartache!!!

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    I Want To Play A Game

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    Celebrating my 10,000th post!

    7.5 years later! :bow:
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    Time to Gouge Your Eyes Out

    Watch this video...
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    The Health and Fitness Thread

    Who here is into health and fitness? Who has done a Dexa scan or any other tests of similar aspects? Does anyone have a good, quality calculator for an accurate depiction of BMR without getting a thorough test done? (Mainly as an idea.) Keep your theories on food and macros to yourselves for...
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    The Coffee and Caffeine Thread

    Alright, who here drinks coffee by the jug?! :lol: How much do you drink on a daily basis? What type of coffee do you drink? What happens if you don't get your caffeine dose in? Does caffeine even affect you?
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    What's the intended purpose of sport cars having smaller diameter rims on the front?

    Why do some sport cars have smaller diameter rims on the front axle? For example, 17's on the front and 18's on the rear. What is the purpose and is there an advantage that someone like me doesn't comprehend? I've only had FWD and AWD cars (actually that's a lie :lol: because I had a 1994 Toyota...