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    Coilover opinion

    OK I'm in a jamb. I wanna get coil overs for my 08 sti. My boy can get me Isc n1s with camber plates for $850. Or my main guy can get me fortune auto 4th Gen for about $100 more. Load me some opinions. I am very tight on budget. I don't care about a hard ride. I also need coil spring...
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    Hello all, Can someone tell or recommend where I or Jordan can find fender flares for my 08 sti? I do not believe a roll and pull will be sufficient and i am having some nice rubbing going on with the rear fenders when hitting large bumps. Given, I took a rubber mallet and did some custom...
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    20mm spacers on the front. What size for the rear?

    I need suggestions on what offset to get for the rear of my 08 sti? The rear rims clear the caliper. this is just cosmetic. maybe a 15mm?
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    20 mm Spacers 08 sti

    I'm going right now to pick up my new rims and tires. Due to my rim choice I had to get 20mm spacers. What is nec to install them ? The spacers came with extended studs and I have open ended lugs. The tuner was saying 3hrs labor thanks :):) Grant
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    clearing brembos

    Hello there mi amigo. I am about to pull the trigger on some rims from my main man Jordan but we are stuck on this one question of whether or not the rims will clear the brembos on my 08 sti. I am looking to pick up some 18x9.5 +25 offset. Will they interfere and if so what size spacer...
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    Sti block

    Looking for an undamaged sti block for my 08sti. I want to start my own long term engine project. Willing to offer trades or cash I am super low budget. I.have hockey goalie gear to trade lol or oem sti parts such as tmic, exhaust etc Grant evohntr Sampson
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    wide tires for 08 sti

    I am looking to replace the extremely worn BF Goodrich KDWs on my 08 sti. I plan on keeping the stock non bbs rims for now as I really like the rims and how they look. My question is. How wide can I go and if needed what size spacers. I will run them if nec. Here is the loaded question...
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    750hp approx underdriven 1985 8-71 supercharged prostreet Chevy S-10

    I am selling my long term project that I started doing as a father and son combo. She just sits in my garage and deserve a better home. This truck has only been driven to local meet ups and up and down the street. No justice for a beast like this. NO track time or dyno time. It was built for...
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    Carbon fiber hood damper

    Is it really necessary to use new hood dampers for a carbon fiber hood on my 08 sti? Say no or I Hunt u down :) Grant evohntr Sampson
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    Front lip/splitter for 08 sti

    Where I can I find a cw replica or aggressive splutter/lip cheap. I don't want carbon in case I get a new front bumper Grant evohntr Sampson
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    08 sti hood.for sale

    I hit a falcon today and broke the plastic trim. Also some scratches and a dent Very fixable. Looking for 300 or bo. Brand new is much much more. . Grant evohntr Sampson Grant evohntr Sampson
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    Fuel Injectors

    Can someone give me some insight on what size injectors I should get? Def going with dw. I believe my mod list is on my profile. Thanks Grant evohntr Sampson
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    Perrin turbo inlet

    Looking to buy a perrin turbo inlet. I don't wanna spend 200 on a new one. Anyone looking to get rid on one. It for my 08 sti. Red preferred but black will do Grant evohntr Sampson
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    End of lease

    The lease on my 08 sti ends in August and I fully intend on buying out my girl as I have intended on doing for years. My question is this: I just received a letter from subaru saying they are r going to contact me for an end of lease inspection. This is no longer done by the dealer which sucks...
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    For sale!!! :)

    Turbo xs hybrid bov (never used) Oem 08 sti tmic with hoses (55k) Oem 08 sti used fuel pump (52k) Injen cold air intake (excellent shape) Oem 08 sti muffler Kn drop in filter (2 weeks old) Grant evohntr Sampson
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    08 sti tmic

    Hello I just installed a fmic so I am selling the oem sti tmic? Please pm me if interested Grant evohntr Sampson Grant evohntr Sampson
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    Hello, What are the signs that my clutch is going out and what is the whp limits on a stock clutch in a 08 sti? Grant Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
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    Iwg or ewg

    What wastegate would you recommend for a 300whp sti. Assuming my uppipe may be leaking when I bring it in next week to efi logics. I hear they leak a lot.and her a/f is way out.of whack and backing off on 1/2+ throttle . My goal is 400whp. Just trying to be proactive Grant Sampson via tap a talk
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    air fuel/ vacuum leak issue

    Hello, I have recently run into an issue. My STI air fuel is running 16% + with spikes of 18+%. The engine will idle fine then dip similar to when the ac compressor comes on. When it does this dip, this is when there is a spike in the air fuel. When I drive the car will feel like it...
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    Hello, I had the smog pump codes deleted prior with an open source tune on my 08 sti. I have a cobb ap and so the prior codes have come back. How can I shut them down again? Grant Sampson via tap a talk