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    Installing LOC, Amp to stock 7" starlink

    Hi Everyone, Is there a LOC with a harness where I dont have to cut any wires? I have no problem running the power wire, ground, speaker wire to subs, and RCA's; however I don't feel comfortable cutting into the factory wiring. I picked up a corner sub box with two 8" subs. A local audio shop...
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    VA Kenpo Sti's 2017 STi

    Hey Everyone, I thought this would be a nice way to track progress. As slow as it may be lol. So far I have only done a few things to my 2017. I just purchased it the first week of June. I have had several cars before this. My first sports car was a 2001 S2000 from there to name a few...
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    Custom Arm Rest Extend 17 STi

    Hi Everyone, I am very new to the forum and to my STi. I used to have a 14 WRX and one thing I missed was the arm rest extend it had. A simple piece that really gave a lot of comfort. The only issue is that the only one Subaru offers does not match the STi interior. I ended up taking the...
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    New Member Black 2017 STi

    Hi Everyone, I am from Kansas. This is my second Subaru. I used to have a 2014 WRX. I was really debating on a new WRX because of the new engine. I am really glad I went this route. I used to have a 2010 Evo X. This STi really reminds me of that, but way better. Interior is nicer, more...