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  1. Grinder34

    Wheel spacers

    Well, what are you thinking? I have lots of thoughts! First: Go thin or very in the middle. There's a window where they don't really "work". By that I mean: With thin spacers (a few mm), your wheels are still "hub-centric" and sit on a slightly smaller lip of the hubs. With...
  2. Grinder34

    05 STI BUILD

    Its going to feel like a [better than] new car when this is all installed!
  3. Grinder34

    05 STI BUILD

    I did CF trunk paint matched to body ...twice actually! Second one came with an APR wing that I also had matched. You would not believe how heavy that stock wing/trunk combo is! For bracing, you could do the Home Depot racing chassis bridge. I dont think i have the how-to anymore, but it's...
  4. Grinder34

    05 STI BUILD

    You gotta update your first post with accurate pics/links! I had to scroll back to remind myself. Why did you finally decide to remove the U brace, given a few years ago you were against it? What's the verdict on the fender cowl braces? If you're looking for more weight loss, would you...
  5. Grinder34

    05 STI BUILD

    Weight savings! Yesssssss. You're my kinda modder! I was so surprised how HUGE and heavy that center U-brace is when I finally got mine out. What was your net weight loss for the whole kit so far? Any plans for the front bumper beam too? I replaced mine with the JDM one that was...
  6. Grinder34

    Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilover Review

    What ride height did you decide on? With your OEM tophats do you have camber adjustment? How many way adjustable are they? I'm sure I have more questions than that, but for now I'll wait for more of the review!
  7. Grinder34

    It’s 2021, which new cars intrigue you?

    More on the too-fast-to-be-fun end.
  8. Grinder34

    It’s 2021, which new cars intrigue you?

    Yeah, unless I make it big, I'll probably always buy used. And forever I'll debate wanting: a) a fast car that I can't drive at the limit on the street. And at the track and mistake is serious-injury territory. b) a really well handling slow car that I can drive at the limit on the street...
  9. Grinder34

    Show us your PC Gaming Rig!

    What was the Windows issue? I'm a windows lifer here--every time I have to use a mac I pull my hair out!
  10. Grinder34

    Flex Fuel tuning, blending.

    You dont often comment, but its usually something that makes me smarter! (y)
  11. Grinder34

    Birthday gift to my dad

    Clothes are always a great option! Car accessories are hard to do as gifts, IMO, because if the gift-receiver is an enthusiast, they usually have entrenched opinions on brands/styles/etc... So I think a T-Shirt, Hat, etc... is great.
  12. Grinder34

    It’s 2021, which new cars intrigue you?

    My list is probably pretty standard. Basically anything high hp, rwd with a few exceptions Supra is intriguing to me. Even the smaller engine. Civic R. New Z New STI (obviously not here yet) One of the Caddy blackwings? Or even a lesser engine (but not base) Cayman. I need to drive one...
  13. Grinder34

    Fuel Injector Clinic 1200cc Injectors

    How did you decide on the FIC over the competitors?
  14. Grinder34

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Oh, also! does the flex fuel kit have some sort of real-time fuel tester that adjusts the base maps? Like adjusts for summer/winter blends and like if you still had a half gallon of premium in the tank when you filled with e85? That's probably common knowledge, I'm just out of the loop at this...
  15. Grinder34

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Sooooo, why oil temp over pressure. Or, why not both?! Which plug do you plan to mount the oil temp gauge in?
  16. Grinder34

    Boxerfest 2021

    Intresting. I'm a maybe (in a non-subaru)!
  17. Grinder34

    Bracket Racing 101

    How "competitive" is bracket racing? Like... wouldn't the ultimate strategy be to just idle all the way through the course. You'd get identical times (albeit in the minutes) every time? No missed shifts, wheel spin, temp variations, etc... I assume such a strategy is frowned upon?
  18. Grinder34

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    I did a downtube when i found a smokin deal on one. Then I could (while it was my leisure) get a bung put on for an O2 sensor which helps with the tune (vs tailpipe sniffer or factory narrowband). I think I sold the factory one for about the same price so it was mostly a wash...
  19. Grinder34

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Years ago I did a bunch of research and convinced myself that heat-reflective tape was an excellent idea. I also convinced myself that the standard gold stuff auto places sell is over-priced and under-performing. I ended up getting some of this after reading a bunch of spec sheets...
  20. Grinder34

    Got a 2005 STi Widebody

    Welcome! Why remove the FMIC and what did you go with in its place? Did you have to adjust tune with the intercooler change and MBC swap-out?