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  1. Grinder34

    Anyone else into flashlights

    No, NOT fleshlights.....FLASHlights. With that out of the way... I recently discovered the joys of a good flashlight (it arrived yesterday) and have already ordered two more. Last time i bought a flashlight, it was off/on. The Big features were that the maglite also had the variable "focus"...
  2. Grinder34

    Boxer tshirt

    Not affiliated, but thought some might appreciate it: They go quickly!
  3. Grinder34

    The joy of bicycling (from the perspective of a group of car enthusiasts)

    Here's a dedicated forum to bicycles/biking! Feel free to ask questions, post up gear reviews, brag about your latest accomplishments, and maybe even include a picture or two.
  4. Grinder34

    Best way to sell stuff on Craigslist?

    I never browse Craigslist, and the few times I've posted have been terrible. Like getting zero interest and ending up way below what my research said I should get. I know a lot of you are veteran posters or buyers, do what's the best way to sell? I've got an expensive-ish Create and Barrel...
  5. Grinder34

    Another Blipshift STI shirt

    If you dont know about Blipshift, they offer a new car-themed shirt every day. You have 48-ish hours to buy, or its gone forever! Today's is an STI so I thought I'd post it up:
  6. Grinder34

    Must-haves for a garage setup

    I'm finally going to have my own 2-bay garage and I'd love to get some ideas on the "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves" for the setup. Currently, I do all my work out of a 12" toolbag, so this will be a nice step up for me!
  7. Grinder34

    Blipshift Blob-eye T-Shirt

    I thought some of you may be interested in today's offering from blipshift (no affiliation)
  8. Grinder34

    Whats the best way to fill BIG holes in interior trim?

    This isn't STI specific (for my bmw), but thought you guys might be helpful anyways :lol: So I'm trying to do some modifications to my interior trim. The plan is to buy an extra, and do all the work on that in case i screw up. It's some sort of plastic with a glossy wood finish: I want to...
  9. Grinder34

    Chrome Web Browser Issue

    I can't get my space bar to work in another thread: then clicked reply all. I checked chrome version, it was out of date, so updated it...relaunched, and same problem. If the FIRST character is...
  10. Grinder34

    Duck Call BOV

    This guy apparently put a duck call on his BOV....What?! :tard:
  11. Grinder34

    Anyone Buying Tires from Tire Rack soon?

    I've got a $60 tire rack coupon that's due to expire in April 15th. Now's not a good time for me to be buying tires, so if someone need it, I'll be happy to let it go at a discount. Let me know!
  12. Grinder34

    NOCO Genius Boost GB40, A Great LITTLE Jump Starter

    I've had to jump start several batteries in all three cars because of dead batteries, usually the lights left on. Having to get two people, or try to deal with two cars with one person was getting to be a real pain. I started searching for portable, lithium ion battery packs. I even started a...
  13. Grinder34

    Polish Level 9000

  14. Grinder34

    ABS Issues and Diagnostics

    I really need to (finally) get my ABS fixed for this winter and an inspection. The ABS light is on (Solid, unblinking) and ABS definitely does not work. My car is a 2007 (may be important). As far as I know, there are two ways to diagnose: 1) OBD2 code scanner 2) Diagnostic connector OBD2...
  15. Grinder34

    Its what makes a Subaru... A Subaru

  16. Grinder34

    Teach me about oil coolers

    I'm always planning, and I think my next mod will be an oil cooler. The STI is becoming more of a track/fun car, and I've noticed my oil temps can get quite high at the track during the summer. I haven't started my research, but I was hoping some of you could point me in the right direction...
  17. Grinder34

    30k/60k/etc Maintenance Checklist

    I'd like to start a repository of knowledge for recommended maintenance for our cars. Do we already have that?? I didnt find it with a quick search. What I'd like is a list of what needs to be done to our cars, and recommended intervals. I picture this as an evolving "document" that can...
  18. Grinder34

    This car is the epitome of car-modding satire (never enough)

    Everything about this car is amazing, in the most awful way. I dont know who had enough money to do something so stupid so well, but it might be my new favorite car. The picture doesnt do it justice, you have to watch the short vid for the walk-around.
  19. Grinder34

    Shudder on braking

    What bushings could be responsible for a shudder/vibration under braking? I know it could be warped rotors, but I'm reasonably certain that it's not the rotors.
  20. Grinder34

    Integrating Bluetooth, having issues

    Currently I have a bluetooth-to-aux connected to my aux-in so I can stream pandora without having to be tethered by wires. The problem is, when I get a call (Android), the sound comes through the speakers but callers can't hear me. I THINK it's because the car is trying to both send AND get...