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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Have this thread on a bunch of other boards that I'm on and couldn't seem to find one here, so I'll start. Throw up a link or a video of what you happen to be listening to...
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    GD A Late Intro to More Power

    Let's see if I can give you guys some background. . . Bought my STi five years ago now. When I bought it from the original owner, I was able to have a chat with him as he was trading it in at the dealership I work for. I had been driving an '07 Cobalt SS/SC, and knew that in the next year or...
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    Annoying Rattle

    I've got an odd question to ask. I've got this annoying rattle in what feels like the steering column/driver's side of the dash while it's full lock to the left or close to full lock while hitting a bump at parking lot speeds. It also does it when, say like today when I was in my driveway on...
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    Went to work this morning....and decided to join IGOTASTi

    Greetings from Western NY. Bought my '04 in September of '10 from the Ford dealership I work at. It was a trade in on a '10 GT500, so I decided that after months of having the owner of the dealership look at trying to find me a decent WRX at auctions, (and having it not pan out) we struck up a...