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  1. Eagleye

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Well, as is often the case…things have not gone to plan. I had some issues getting the suspension installed due to a messed up thread on one of the top hat nuts from the factory (Fortune Auto took care of me very quickly) and some user error. This all meant that I didn’t get my performance parts...
  2. Eagleye

    Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilover Review

    I'm not sure of the exact height, I typically go by feel. This is 2 fingers from tire to fender. I do not have camber adjustment from above, just using the camber bolt in the top hole of the 2 attachment holes at the bottom. You can adjust damping only with the X1 model but they are upgradeable...
  3. Eagleye

    Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilover Review

    I was able to get the new suspension installed yesterday. Only a 1-mile road test to check for noises and vibrations. The adjustment was easy, and I have not touched the damping yet. That will require a couple of hours of road test to pull off, adjust, drive, and repeat. More info to...
  4. Eagleye

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    Productive day yesterday. I got the Stoptech SS brake lines installed (thanks to my Dad). While he installed them I installed the new coilovers. I've only had them out for approx. 1 mile but on a familiar road they are reallllly promising. Next up will be turbo heat shield, spark plugs, and...
  5. Eagleye

    Banjo Bolt failure

    Replace the line and crush washers. Attempting to repair that will probably result in leaks. Not worth it in my mind having battled with one in the past. If you replace it yourself it will not be that expensive.
  6. Eagleye

    Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilover Review

    Full review and additional photos are coming soon!
  7. Eagleye

    Fuel Injector Clinic 1200cc Injectors

    I’ll let you know how they are in July once I’m tuned for them.
  8. Eagleye

    Birthday gift to my dad

    I have not personally bought from this site but give it a look. I'd be happy to get a bunch of the items they offer. Prices seem reasonable on a lot of it too.
  9. Eagleye

    Flex Fuel tuning, blending.

    Don’t worry about how old the threads are. If you come across any other old threads you can chime in on, I hope that you do. We need to get more activity on this site!
  10. Eagleye

    Welcome, dbowmaneod

    If you haven't already, you should be good to drive it around if you flash the OTS stage 2 map. Enjoy it!
  11. Eagleye

    Brandon's 2012 ISM STI

    Don't be a stranger, always good to see the updates!
  12. Eagleye

    It’s 2021, which new cars intrigue you?

    Would love to get a discussion going on all of the other interesting car models out there. What new models/refreshes are peaking your interest? Are there any cars from the past 3-5 years you’d like to test drive? I’d love to test drive the following in no particular order: - 400z - New Gen...
  13. Eagleye

    The Golf Shop

    Golfwrx classifieds is where I buy most things that aren’t from Sub70 golf. Full disclosure, I am associated with Sub70 (assisting in making their fitting cart clubs). I came across them a while back. Small business out of Sycamore, Illinois with a good owner that will talk directly with...
  14. Eagleye

    Boxerfest 2021

    Not sure who all may be interested but I am going to tag a bunch of you (even some who don't have a Subaru anymore)! @Alin @IGOTASTi @Batmobile_Engage @War_Panda04 @HolyCrapItsFast @Taranto217 @Raven32 @STimedic @Septic @Karlot
  15. Eagleye

    J-K-Tuning (John Kerr) in Carlisle, PA

    FYI, I received permission to take my camera and video equipment to document the process in an excellent way to share with everyone here. I may be able to find time to go up before my dyno day to see another car get tuned. If that happens, I will post some info about that as well.
  16. Eagleye

    Photography/Videography Thread

    A place to share anything and everything related to camera and video equipment. Questions, opinions, great pictures you’ve taken, etc. I have many passions in life, it keeps things interesting. Cars, golf, cycling, computers/gaming, photography, guns, and probably more of i thought about it...
  17. Eagleye

    The Golf Shop

    I ended up turning the passion into a side business I also took a side gig as a High School golf coach at my old HS last fall. It’s been interesting so far. I’m surprised at how little effort some kids put toward a sport/hobby. They seem to think improvement will come...
  18. Eagleye

    Round 2: My 2015 Galaxy Blue Journal

    So I rolled the dice and ordered a used (damaged airbox) COBB SF + airbox on eBay last week. It showed up yesterday and after repairing (bending) the box back into shape, the install was very easy and it works great with the Stage 1 + SF COBB OTS map. New it would have been ~$365+ vs. $185, so...
  19. Eagleye

    COBB SF Short Ram Intake

    I just installed a COBB SF with airbox on my 15 STi yesterday. Seems like a well built product that should do it's job well. Very straightforward to install, no need to jack up the car or remove anything except the old intake. With the OTS Stage 1 + SF 93 tune the car is pulling smoother than...
  20. Eagleye

    Boxerfest 2021

    Would be great to have you come up this way again. Basically the same drive you made to meet me at my work. Tons of non Subarus were there in 2019. The autocross event was cool and ran for quite a while. Worth the admission in my opinion.