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  1. CSF707

    COBB Tuning Project - Green Speed 4-18-22 So our old map can't be edited anymore? Since most of us have something deleted of sorts, and I'm assuming the same for the mirroring sensor :( Thanks alot, California. :cautious: Thoughts? @HolyCrapItsFast Maybe back to open source...
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    Sad times for the UK :(
  3. CSF707

    Firefly lighting kit

    I kinda like it lol $75.86 Car category Subaru LEVORG WRX S4/ STI Forester SJ 2012-up A- Forester SH 2007-12 A-D EXIGA Impreza WRX/STi 2008-09 GR/GH A-B Impreza WRX/STi 2010-14 GR/GH/GV C-E XV/ G4/ SPORT/ CROSSTREK Compatible with: VM/ VA/...
  4. CSF707

    Looking for these lug nuts

    Just pricing my options :) Project Kics Leggdura Racing Shell Type Lug Nut 53MM (Open-End)
  5. CSF707

    Speedometer Calibration?

    How does one go about doing this to our cars when changing the diameter of the tires?
  6. CSF707

    Subaru Ambassador

    Say hello to your new Ambassador! :cool:
  7. CSF707

    What's a great AS tire?

    A decent AS tire that runs pretty well in the snow is what I'm looking for. I'm up here in the northwest where its mostly rain so I'm not really looking for a winter tire. Wifey wants to head up the mountains very soon so I want your recommendations on what to point my eyes at this week. Sent...
  8. CSF707

    15 STi P0073

    I threw this code right after installing Hella horns lol, I did notice two different connectors by the horn. I used one to plug into the grimmspeed harness to plug into the two horns. This second connector I noticed was just plugged into this dead end. I'm begining to think its some sort of...
  9. CSF707

    I/C Spray

    Curious why Subaru removed it from the newer models? Never did find a good answer on this topic anywhere. Kinda missed that from the hawkeye
  10. CSF707

    STi McGard Lug Nuts

    Does anyone happen to have a connection to these? Appears to be hard to find other than overpriced SubieSpeed @Defined Performance @Infamous Performance @Got Boost @301BOOSTED.COM
  11. CSF707

    STi watch

    Has anyone ever seen this one before? Would be nice of the ODO was the digital clock or at least functional? Hard to tell.
  12. CSF707

    Nameless vs ETS

    Both are local businesses up here in Washington State. I honestly don't see many ETS users with the STi, but Nameless is everywhere! Probably due to the price point. I honestly love the Burnt Ti Tips on the ETS one and Nameless doesn't do those nice blue tips. I even requested it directly if...
  13. CSF707

    Got a Drone!

    Still learning it, only flew twice from the backyard. Can't wait to capture some meets with it :cool: 3DR Solo Turn down sound first :P GoPro Video, first flight test a few days ago. Second flight test from today, app screen record, no sound.
  14. CSF707

    Post up your local car meet videos!

    Since I had one for photos, thought I'd create another for videos. 5/31/15 Tacoma, WA @ Griot's Garage
  15. CSF707

    What's your grub for fight night?

    I'm grilling the goods while the fam cooking the goods inside. More pics to come
  16. CSF707

    Anyone see RCE Exhaust teaser?

    I wonder what they sound like, price, welds, and if it comes in Ti tips lols. Reminds me a little bit of the Corsa tips.
  17. CSF707

    Post up your local car meets!

    Lets get started with this picture thread of your local meets that you've attended and lets see some subie love! After two months with the subie, I came across the group Rain City Subies :) Meets are practically multiple times a week with different activities. Other than this group, the car...
  18. CSF707

    FRS - Reflective Tape (Tron inspired)

    Check it out
  19. CSF707

    2015 STi Intakes - All their no tune required claims

    Couple threads talked about this but I would like it all in once place for debate. Has anyone found any logs to prove any of these? Before and after in stock form? Cobb is the only ones saying a tune is required, but who knows what Cobb has in store for the redesigned intake for 15 coming soon...