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  1. Dazmlp66

    Clutch noise !

    Hi Guys and Girls , I have a growling noise on my 2020 WRX STi which has been bugging me since I got the car new. It starts around 2500 rpm to 3000 rpm you can just hear it when you are driving when the clutch is pressed to change gear. But you can also hear it when you are stationary see video...
  2. Dazmlp66

    Engine noise

    Hi y'all,I have a 2020 WRX STi, 700 miles only and I have a weird noise when at normal operating temp, it sounds like a grinding knocking noise at around 2 to 3000 rpm you can also hear it when you change gear when you put the clutch in to shift other than that it runs great.Any ideas ?
  3. Dazmlp66

    Tuners near Charlotte NC

    Anyone know of any good tuners near Charlotte NC ?
  4. Dazmlp66

    Audio upgrade

    Hi All, I am looking to upgrade the speakers and fit a sub, I have looked at the kit SOA made in conjunction with Kicker. The problem I have is the front speaker when I tried to order the kit from Subaru online it was telling me they were not compatible ? does anyone know if this...
  5. Dazmlp66

    Hi from NC !

    Hi, Newbie here, quick introduction Ex Prodrive /SWRT Chief mechanic and customer support engineer 2000 -2010, I own a 2020 WRX STi with a stage 2 Cobb tune. Been in the USA since 2016