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  1. Boogieman98

    What kind of power?

    Im building a sleeved block with BC Stage two cams, +1 valves in Port and polished heads, FP Black, ID1300cc injectors and a walbro 450 pump. What kind of AWHP should I expect on e-85? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Boogieman98

    Street Pad Selection

    I wanted to see what everyone was using as a street only pad which excellent initial bite cold and hot. I have used EBC Yellow, Hawk HPS and obviously stock pads but I don't like the initial bite on any of these.
  3. Boogieman98

    Advanced Keys - EVO-ALL

    Has anyone installed the Advance Keys push button and remote start with the Evo-all bypass? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Boogieman98

    Anniversary Present

    Wife said that she would buy me the SMY AK-105B-NB and the Bezel 83002FG060JC. I need a price on them please.
  5. Boogieman98


    I'm curious as to why our cars produce less boost in the lower gears than 4th. I know in access tuner race it has a target boost for each gear. At least that is what I think I had seen. I just don't quite understand why it doesn't do max boost in every gear. Also why do most tuners don't really...
  6. Boogieman98

    Intake Temps

    So I live in Texas as some of you know and high intake temps are probably normal around here but my question is when is it to high. The temp sensor has been moved to the intake manifold due to changing to speed density and on the highway intake temps get as high as 160 after of few wot pulls...
  7. Boogieman98

    Power Curve, Tune Manipulated?

    So the reason I purchased my FP Green turbo is because I like the way the power curve looked on others cars. For example this 2005 STi I liked how the power was peaking between 4500 rpm & 5000 rpm. But as you can see from my chart it...
  8. Boogieman98

    Vacuum Hoses

    I am in the process of upgrading fuel rails and I am putting everything back together and can't figure out what hose goes on this nipple in the picture. The only hoses in that area go to the throttle body.
  9. Boogieman98

    IAG Fuel Rails, IAG Braided Line Kit & Aeromotive FPR Install

    Does anyone have this set up installed on a GR STi that can get me some pictures or some insight on how they routed the fuel lines, mounted the FPR and any tips on making the install go easier?
  10. Boogieman98

    450lph Fuel Pump Tune?

    Cobb is going to warranty my 1000cc injectors so I was looking at uprgrading to 1300cc injectors. But in doing so I would also need to upgrade the fuel pump. If I only do the injectors now could I upgrade the fuel pump later without re-tuning the car
  11. Boogieman98

    2013 Subaru Impreza WRX STi: 391 AWHP/ 364 AWTQ FP Green Turbo/24psi/93

    Car's Name: Gipsy Danger Dyno: MUSTANG DYNO Tuner: COBB TUNING/ Calvin Wheel HP: 391AWHP Wheel TQ: 364AWTQ Year/Model: 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX STi EMS: Stock STi w/ Cobb V3 AP Short Block: 100mm Manely Turbo Tuff Pistons & Rods, Stock Crankshaft, Subaru 11mm Oil Pump Heads: Stock Heads w/...
  12. Boogieman98

    Cams & Springs

    So the question is should I upgrade my cams and springs to Kelford 220B cams with Supertech Springs or should I stay stock. I have upgraded to an FP Green HTZ Turbo, Forged Piston, rods, turbo inlet, crosspipe & Cobb BOV with some other tid bits. What do I really gain by upgrading? How much...
  13. Boogieman98

    Pistons & Rods

    So I am in the process of building my engine and need some advice. I am looking to be at the 425-450 AWHP on E85 and will not be wanting to go higher than this ever. I will track the car again at some point but may be a few years as I have to pay the cost of this build off before I go...
  14. Boogieman98

    Engine number two!!!!!!!

    OK so I have now I think blown my second engine. Like the first this one also failed at the track during and HPDE event. I just had the 60k service done on this past Tuesday at Cobb Plano and had them go over the car to make sure everything looked great. She checks out. Go to the track and...
  15. Boogieman98

    Install Videos

    Sorry I have been missing in action for a while, 2015 was not a good year for me. Anyway my friend and I are going to be doing some how to install videos. We will be installing Fortune 500 coilovers, Whilteline roll center kit and rear adjustable control arms. All purchased from Jordan Defined...
  16. Boogieman98

    Brake Rotors

    I need to get a price quote on the following rotors. Please DBA 5000 Series T-Slot Slotted Rotor Pair Front DBA 5654BLKS-10-GDBA 4000 Series T-Slot Slotted Rotor Pair Rear DBA 42656S-10-GRP
  17. Boogieman98

    New Clutch

    I need a new clutch and if the two items below will work together then I need a price quote for them. Looking to buy today. Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit Subaru STI 2004-2015 Part# CCI1 15030-260 ACT StreetLite Flywheel Subaru STI 2004-2015Part# ACT 600235
  18. Boogieman98

    Happy Sweet Sixteen: Introducing GoPro?s 360? Camera Array

    Check this out
  19. Boogieman98


    I was talking to my buddy who has a GN and he was saying that some of the guys that run E-85 don't have an intercooler. I would assume this would be for drag racing only but could it be used for daily driving? Or would it heat kill all horse power gains and give less power than 93 and an intercooler
  20. Boogieman98

    Denso Iridium Power Plugs One Step Colder IKH22 Subaru 2.5 Turbo (inc. 2004-2014)

    I need a price on part # DEN 5345-IKH22-GRP