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    idle stability and drivability with cams

    I know very little about tuning, but I would imagine that Boogieman is on to something here. I think this issue becomes more prevalent with large injectors like this. I wonder if @HolyCrapItsFast is still around... He would be THE guy to know about this. Anyone seen him lately, maybe you @Alin ?
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    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7926 - Daaaaaaamn man! That's awesome!!!
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    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7918 - I wouldn't bet on it. I'd love to see it though.
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    Mannnn do I feel old! :lol:

    Mannnn do I feel old! :lol:
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    AEM Intake and Downpipe Combo

    You're really going to want the injectors. If I remember correctly, the factory injectors are going to be nearly maxed out when your tuner is done. Plus, if you go for more power in the future (don't we all?) you will absolutely need larger injectors.
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    OT: Count To A Million Game!

    7915 - Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you're all doing well and have a wonderful holiday season. I haven't been around here for at least a month since we all (wife and kids too) all got the Kung Flu. It was very mild for all of us, but it definitely threw a wrench in all of our plans. We...
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    Impact Wrenches

    I've got many DeWalt XR 20V battery-powered tools, and I've been thrilled with them. I've got a leaf blower, chainsaw, drill, and impact wrench. All of them are great, including the impact wrench. The 5 and 6 Amp-Hour batteries are worth their weight in gold. They've all got my seal...
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    The Hunting & Fishing Thread

    Thanks buddy! No luck so far and the weather didn't help matters much. I will be back out there this weekend though! I'll be sure to let you guys know if/when I get one.
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    The Hunting & Fishing Thread

    T-minus: 65 hours until the opening of the 2021 Michigan Firearm Deer Season! I took vacation for the entire first week of the season. Hopefully my e-scouting, ground truthing and general preparation pays off this year. Despite my very best attempts to find isolated locations in the nastiest...
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    Can anyone help identify these weird rims??

    I agree. Stock wheels, different center cap. If you're that curious, next time you remove a wheel, look on the backside of the center cap. There may be a stamp.
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    The Batmobile_Engage Member Journal

    Hey, @IGOTASTi ! If someone from Michigan, with a WRB (2004-2005) WRX joins the forum, let me know. I left a referral card on his car on Saturday. Hopefully he'll join us.
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    05 STI BUILD

    Oh man, I hate doing the valve buckets. It seems easy enough at first... You get your new cams installed and go to work with the feeler gauge. You say yourself, "Okay this one apparently measures about a millimeter too thin/loose. I'll read the number on the bottom of the bucket and order...
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    Best all season tires

    Either way, I still think you'll be better off with two sets of wheels and tires. I would urge you to figure out a way to afford and store an extra set and go that route. All-seasons generally just suck when it comes to any kind of performance driving. And I have almost no experience with...
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    Best all season tires

    That's a tough question. I'm assuming you're daily driving the car, so all-seasons might actually be the best choice for you, depending on how you drive. But for me, I'll never put all-seasons on the STi or any other performance vehicle for that matter. I chose to buy an extra set of...
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    05 STI BUILD

    If you end up needing a large phenolic spacer, let me know. I might have an extra one in my box of spare parts in the garage. I'd make you a good deal on it...or really, anyone on the forum, for that matter.
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    05 STI BUILD

    YESSSS! Wooohooo CF Driveshaft!!! Also, that header looks pretty nice. I'm sure it performs better than a UEL, but how does it sound? Have you run the car with that header yet (I can't remember)? How much of the Subie rumble, and sound in general, do you lose? I guess if I had a...
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    Wheel spacers

    Great reply, @Grinder34. I agree on the reduced life expectancy of wheel bearings and have personally experienced this. If the thought of replacing them every 40k miles doesn't bother you, then go right ahead.
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    2003-2006 Subaru Baja | Used Vehicle Spotlight

    Maaaan, I always wanted a Baja. Hell, a Baja with a stock STi drivetrain and a 2" suspension lift would be perfect for me. Just enough clearance to get back in the woods, all wheel drive to keep me from getting stuck and a short bed just big enough for a couple dead deer.
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    05 STI BUILD

    It's also a really easy mod. I did it in the driveway with 4 jackstands. Make sure you have a large oil drain pan, because about half the trans fluid will come out when you remove the DS from the trans. I recommend draining and replacing all the trans fluid during this mod. Use either Subaru...
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    05 STI BUILD

    I definitely suggest a carbon fiber driveshaft. I got the Driveshaft Shop 1-piece Carbon Fiber driveshaft. They are usually $1,099-1,199 but you can sometimes find them on sale for ~$899-999. Jordan at @DefinedPerformance should be able to hook you up. Not only is it about 1/2 weight of the...