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  1. STi FR3AK

    How to install Turn in Concepts pivot bushing

    Here is a video showing the process and a review on the change it made over oem bushings.
  2. STi FR3AK

    ID1300 injectors

    Anyone running them? I went to Injector Dynamics and they said they're their flagship injector. I wanted some 1st hand fuel system setup, experience and results with the ID1300s on e85.
  3. STi FR3AK

    SOWELA AutoX

    Next event: Sunday 18 May Cost: $25 for non SCCA members. If you want to join it's $65 + $20 registration. Where: channault airport in Lake Charles. Time: 0930 registration opens. Racing starts ~1130 Hope to see tall there!
  4. STi FR3AK

    Nurburgring Sunday, 21 April

    This group here is meeting up in Wurzburg at 6:30am . GRAF/VILSECK GUYS:1 Goe/Christian - Spec C 2 wrxfr3ak/Ian - M3 3 Sector/Gabriel - 08 sti 4 avylyn - 04 FXT 5 Evo IX 6 BMW 1M 7 __af_placement_id--[AFF-PLACEMENT-ID].html"]BMW 335I 8 BMW 335I 9 Golf TDI SCHWEINFURT GUYS: 1...
  5. STi FR3AK

    Louisiana peeps where you at?

    I'm moving to Ft Polk this year. I see its only a couple hours from Houston so might search that area for racing events, shows, meets etc I have a buddy already stationed there and they said there is another Subaru there. Hopefully we can meet up.
  6. STi FR3AK

    Subaru/Toyota hybrid = 2012 Scion FR-S!?!?!

    Here it is folks. 2dr, rwd, 2.0 Subaru motor. Good for the v-6 mustangs and camaro's.
  7. STi FR3AK

    German Race Wars Anybody ever been? I want to go so bad. Post your experience/pics.
  8. STi FR3AK

    **Nurburgring Open-Track Prices & Schedules**

    Here is how much it costs and the deals you can get on: Here are the days/times they're running for "tourists"...
  9. STi FR3AK

    Remembering our fallen Hero's

    All gave some some gave all.... RIP homegurl
  10. STi FR3AK

    Constant fluctating idle

    I got to see/hear the car today for the first time through skype. It's a perfect idle warming up but once at opperating temp., it fluctates from 300 to 1300. Not erratic, just a constant up and down and up and down. I thought it was a boost leak cuz my mom had described it to me as erratic but...
  11. STi FR3AK

    My sons first Auto-x....power wheel style

    I set up a track for my son in our backyard with all the loose toys :D
  12. STi FR3AK

    How To: KSTech TGV Deletes

    This thread will ONLY cover the KSTech tgv delete kit once the TGV's are out. **DISCLAIMER** You will throw a code for your tgv motors not being in sync. When you get tuned, the tuner will turn off the codes. Things needed: -Drill w/ bits -Allen keys -Hammer -KSTech TGV delete kit: --2...
  13. STi FR3AK

    Gov't shutdown has begun!!

    Most people know, I'm in the Army. I just checked my LES (paycheck stub) as it comes out a couple days early and I'm only getting 1/2 a paycheck = $628 :( This is going to hurt. My checks are usually ~1200 after 650 allotment for cell phones and Star Card. -450 truck payment -220 vehicle ins...
  14. STi FR3AK

    How To: VA Request: Indexing glass

    A buddy has a late 2000's model mustang that has "indexing glass". After doing some research I found many cars these days are coming from the factory with this option. For those of you who don't know what it is; when you unlock the car, a signal is also sent to the power windows and lowers the...
  15. STi FR3AK

    How To: GD Daytime Running Lights disable

    Tired of running around in the day with your headlights on? This mod will allow you to drop the e-brake without turning on your lowbeams. To turn on your lowbeams, just turn the headlight knob like normal :) Tools needed: At least one good eye At least 2 good fingers Maybe a screwdriver 1...
  16. STi FR3AK

    Do you like any of the Fast & the Furious movies?

    Vote in the poll, multiple voting allowed :)
  17. STi FR3AK

    How To: VA Do a Vacuum Leak Test

    Have a rough idle but runs fine through the gears then dies when you press in the clutch or stop? It's probably a vacuum leak. In here I will discuss how to build a tester for ~$20 provided you already have or have access to an air compressor. If not, it's a good investment as well and I got a...
  18. STi FR3AK

    Official UFC Thread

    Just watching it on AFN right now. The one good thing about the 13 channels we get, free UFC lol Next weekend are some good fights. Nogueira vs Davis - 26 March St. Pierre vs Shields - 30 April Check out up-coming matchs HERE
  19. STi FR3AK

    Making a link but having just the name?

    How do I do that?? What I'm trying to do is put my journal's link in my signature but I just want the "My Journal" to be the actual link. Instead I have: My Journal*-8-March-* **For future people, type...
  20. STi FR3AK

    The Official PHOTOSHOP thread

    Post up your skills, requests, links to tutorials and lets help teach each other techniques/tricks. Links: Adobe's tutorial site before after (lip, wheels) after (convertible with M3 interior) before after donor mine before after (pissed CARS effect)