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  1. OldManSTI

    What is this part?

    I need to identify this part. It is on the driver side of the vehicle, front of the engine, near the exhaust. Pretty sure it?s leaking oil, so that?s why I need to figure out what it is.
  2. OldManSTI

    Got that herky jerky feeling

    Recently my STi when I?m trying to do a slower, controlled acceleration (like in a construction zone) has been doing a whiplash inducing front to back dance at low rpms (say between 1.5k and 2.5k). I can?t tell if it?s some type of hesitation due to fuel issues, or a drivetrain issue. It smooths...
  3. OldManSTI

    Compression Test Help

    I am currently trying to do a compression test on my STi, and I'm not sure what is wrong. It took me over three hours to pull three spark plugs out last night, and I got the fourth one out this morning (stupid tiny work space!). Because of that, the car isn't warm. I have all of the spark...
  4. OldManSTI

    Curse my weak t-Rex arms!

    I've been upgrading the bushings on my rear drivetrain and differential, and I cannot seem to break free the nuts holding the front of the diff in place! The part I'm referring to is the rear differential, front mounting point. It connects to the bottom of the diff with two 17mm nuts (those I...
  5. OldManSTI

    How to change the fuel pump and/or fuel filter on a '09-14 STi

    I am posting this how-to article about how to change the fuel filter and fuel pump on '09-'14 Subaru WRX STi's because I could NOT find this info anywhere else on the internet, and this process took me three tries so I hope this is helpful to others. As a disclaimer, I am not a mechanic. I was...
  6. OldManSTI

    DP Install Advice

    I'm going to be changing out my DP in the very near future, and I was wondering if I need to spend the money on the nuts, bolts, and studs for the DP to turbo connection? Is this necessary or just "better safe than sorry?" Also, I'm looking at an Invidia DP. Is this a good pipe, or should I...
  7. OldManSTI

    Down pipe parts list advice

    I'm looking to replace the stock DP on my '10 STI with a Cobb catted DP. Do I also need to plan on replacing both the turbo to DP gasket, and the donut gasket at the end of the DP as well, or can those be reused? Also, has anyone wrapped their DP, and would they recommend it?
  8. OldManSTI

    Factory seatbelt needed

    Help, my dog ate my homework! Ok, not my homework, but he did chew his way through one of my seatbelts. So, I need to find a factory driver's side rear seatbelt for a '10 STI hatch. My local dealer is telling me they no longer make them and that I'd have to go to a junk yard. That doesn't...
  9. OldManSTI

    Noob, I mean new fuel pump question

    Since it's time to change the fuel filter, I've decided I'll be upgrading my fuel pump at the same time. (might as well, right?). I'll be installing a DeatchWerks DW300c series pump, which will supposedly do 340lph. This is might be a stupid question, but do I need a tune to change the duty...
  10. OldManSTI

    Noob Maintenance Questions

    So I'm rapidly approaching 60k, and the suggested maintenance therein, so I have a couple of questions: Replacing the fuel filter is suggested, and following the advice I've gotten from some folks here I figure I'll just replace the fuel pump at the same time. However, I can't tell from the...
  11. OldManSTI

    Down pipe only?

    If I were to upgrade my exhaust in stages, Is there any benefit to upgrading only the down pipe without changing the factory exhaust, or does the cat back need to be first?
  12. OldManSTI

    Shifting Style

    In another post a driving technique was mentioned called "floating gears" by HolyCrapItsFast and Spamby. If I understand the concept correctly, this is upshifting without using the clutch pedal. I'm intrigued by this concept, and was wondering if someone wouldn't mind explaining the idea further.
  13. OldManSTI

    Lugs and Nuts

    I have a 2010 that is possibly having problems with the lugs. They may have been stretched, or just faulty from the beginning. Either way, I think I need to replace them. Can someone give me a quote on new lugs all the way around the car, and (if necessary) new nuts as well? I'm looking for...
  14. OldManSTI

    Blowin' Them Tires Right Off!

    Ok, this definitely qualifies as a noob question, but I'm getting frustrated: At the beginning of December I installed new rims and snow tires in preparation for winter here in Northern Nevada. They were brand new from Tire Rack, and I got new nuts as well. Install went fine, got the TPMS...
  15. OldManSTI

    Sway Bar Adjustment Advice

    Ok, so for a quick recap: I installed Perrin Sways in my GR (I think it's a GR :)) with Kartboy endlinks a couple of weeks ago. I've gotten a chance to push her a bit in some sweeping corners, and I'd like to dial the sways in. I've got 22mm in the front, set to the softest setting, and 25mm...
  16. OldManSTI

    Blankie or wrap that sucker?

    So what are the best ways to lower underhood temperatures and prevent heat soaking the TMIC? Should the turbo be wrapped in a blanket (weird) or shielded, or both? To wrap the down pipe, or not? Wrap the headers, etc? It seems like there are many options and opinions out there, so I wanted...
  17. OldManSTI

    Sway Bar Installation Advice

    So in the next couple of days, depending on the temp. outside, I'll be installing new sways and endlinks on my '10 STI and I'm looking for any advice or suggestions y'all may have. I've watched the video: (
  18. OldManSTI

    What type of gauge is better?

    So which is better: mechanical or electronic gauges? Also, any suggestions on which brand or style best matches the look of the factory gauges?
  19. OldManSTI

    Used STI missing a part

    I purchased a used 2010 STI from a dealer in Cali, and have now discovered it's missing the front under tray that protects the bottom of the engine. I didn't even know it was missing until I was educated on this forum. So, I'm looking to see what it would cost to replace this part. I don't...
  20. OldManSTI

    Old Guy Question

    This might confirm my status as an old, out of touch guy, but what is post whoring?