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  1. Grinder34

    What does your IGOTASTi screen name mean?

    That JDM is pretty sweet!
  2. Grinder34

    Welcome, Minion_Subies

    Wow, nice garage! We definitely need more pictures!
  3. Grinder34

    Hello - Glad To Be Here!

    Welcome! Tell us more!
  4. Grinder34

    High idle issue

    wait, so you turn it on, it idles at ___? if you let it warm up fully without moving, it idles at ____? if you drive it before its warmed up, then coast in neutral it idles at 1400? if you drive it after its warmed up, then coast in neutral it idles at 1400? If you come to a stop (after driving)...
  5. Grinder34

    OT: Count To A Million Game!

  6. Grinder34

    Impact Wrenches

    Well HD ended up cancelling my order a day early so I never got to pick it up. At the rate that electric motors are progressing, I'm thinking I'll end up with a battery powered one in the not-too-distant future the NEXT time one becomes necessary. Just so much hassle with a compressor, lines...
  7. Grinder34

    Impact Wrenches

    I ended up not needing the impact, but think I'm going to pick it up anyways (HD still has my store-pickup order ready-to-go). On a related note, the bolt in question is re-torqued at ~145 ft-lbs + 180 degrees. What a mother!
  8. Grinder34

    Impact Wrenches

    What's your stance on pneumatic vs. battery impacts? So far, I've gotten away with just manual tools. I've got a few bolts that need to come out in a timely fashion and wife-approval for an upgrade (!!!!). I don't love the idea of pneumatic just because it's more crap to keep around the...
  9. Grinder34

    06 WRX Vs STI rocker panels?

    WRX is different, but not worse. Example (if I did my research correctly): 51449FE060 & 51449FE070 was for WRX 51449FE360 & 51449FE370 was for STI So you can try to google those STI part numbers (double check them). If you cant find both, you can: Buy WRX-style new Go aftermarket for a...
  10. Grinder34

    05 STI BUILD

    Thats some nice kit there! Sorry I dont remember bolt length
  11. Grinder34

    No sound and smoke coming out of my tail pipes HELP!

    Do you have a check engine light? Do you have any way to get engine logs (like an accessport)? What were you doing when the drop in acceleration happened? How long ago was it tuned?
  12. Grinder34


    Just in time for cold weather shenanigans! Are you going to get some snow wheels/tires for it? Any [other] mods planned?
  13. Grinder34

    Boost Question

    Do you have a code reader and/or getting a CEL? If it's a 2020 & stock, take it to the dealer with the issue.
  14. Grinder34

    Legitimate Buy? URGENT RESPONSE (It May Sell Fast)

    Yeah, it sounds like a scam. Stolen. "Pay me a deposit".. something. No way it was $800, even from a grieving mother.
  15. Grinder34

    Legitimate Buy? URGENT RESPONSE (It May Sell Fast)

    The wheels alone are $800...each
  16. Grinder34

    Legitimate Buy? URGENT RESPONSE (It May Sell Fast)

    That's @IGOTASTi 's old car. I remember he sold it a while back, but the car's legit, if I'm right.
  17. Grinder34

    I bought a modded 2014 STI what stage is it ?

    I wouldn't touch the tune right now. That's far beyond "stage 3" and its either a) got a great tune on it, or b) has a crappy tune on it. The only thing you can do at this point by erasing the tune is go to "b" above...or possibly put a "limp" tune on it until you get to a protuner. If it...
  18. Grinder34

    Show us your PC Gaming Rig!

  19. Grinder34

    What Phone Do You Currently Use?

    I've been using an LG G8 that is in the process of dying, so in the last few days, I've been researching. I'm thinking of picking up a Pixel 3a or OnePlus N100/N200 for $150-200. I'm not a power user and I think those will do fine for me for now.
  20. Grinder34

    05 STI BUILD

    $350. At this stage..pssh, just do it! Think about how much it'll be if you change your mind later!