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  1. SDMotorworks

    SDMotorworks STI (RSPCT IT)

    Hey everyone, we just picked up this Aspen White 2006 STI for a new shop car. We will be posting everything going on with this car on here so you all can keep up with the build. We have some huge plans for this car and are looking forward to getting it started.

    Uber-Sport Compacts Poll: Focus RS vs WRX STI vs M135i vs RS3 vs Golf R vs A45 AMG

    Vote below for your favorite uber-sport compact car! Look what car is winning so far. :) #winning http://www.carscoops.com/2015/02/uber-sport-compacts-poll-focus-rs-vs.html The battle of the uber-sport compact car has just begun; we live in an unprecedented era where compact cars boast...