2006 Sti Transmission/shifter problem


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I have a 2006 STI with the 6-speed manual transmission. A few weeks ago the car started slipping out of 3rd gear, it just felt like it wasn’t going in far enough, and it was only 3rd gear giving me this problem, after letting the car sit for a few weeks and recently changing my transmission fluid, now all my forward gears have this problem. I can put it in gear but if I try to stay in either 1st, 3rd, or 5th for an extended period of time it will eventually slip out regardless of acceleration. All other gears are fine and feel like they go in all the way. Does anyone have any ideas, I was thinking about taking apart the short shifter to see if anything is messed up there.


Track Monkey
I think you're on the right track. Don't disassemble more than you have to yet. It could be something like an obstruction, piece put in backwards, etc... causing your issues.