2021 STI Limited/No wing/Manual advice please !!

Lindsey P Eaker

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Hey, I have a 2020 VW Jetta GLI Autobahn Auto with 8k on it. I’m looking at trading in for a 2021 STI Limited/no wing Manual…I have read a ton of reviews on both sides, watched too many videos, and I still cannot make a decision. I live in south Florida for reference.

I do love my GLI.
The main reasons I’m looking for a change are: I want a manual transmission!!! That’s what I wanted when I bought the GLI, however none were available. (5 available ATM on the east coast of the US right now, none anywhere near me)
Handling, the GLI does handle very well, but I feel it’s jumpy when hitting a pot hole or bump on the turnpike going 70+ mph. And not as tight in turning as I thought it would be. I do have to say, there is no hesitation at all going 70, 75 mph and tromp on it to pass another car. The pick up is amazing for an automatic.

Besides getting a manual transmission, the GLI Autobahn I have is it for VW. Unless I get the much smaller GTI, which just is not practical when you have children. I did test drive the GTI manual before buying the GLI, damn it was so much fun to drive! Just couldn’t handle how closed up I felt driving it.

Opinions!!!!! Please!!!!!


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Trying to take STI-bias out of the equation...

For manual: If it's a must-have, it's a must-have. Figure that out.
For suspension: Mods, my man. It's probably a lot cheaper to stick with what you've got than going through a buy/sell transaction on relatively new cars. A few grand for some nice coilovers, bushings, (or whatever else the GLI community says) will probably settle everything right out.


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@Lindsey P Eaker , I know I'm late to the party by alnost a month. If you live in Florida, then you don't need to have AWD. Why are you contemplating on an STi over any other manual car? Does budget matter?