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A ton of people have been asking us what was said on Facebook that a ton of new members have come running to the site. So we thought we would tell everyone and make it clear.

As igotasti.com is coming up on 4 years old we get asked over and over again if we have a WRX with STi parts can we join. If we have a Forester STi can we join and so on. We wish we could talk to each person individually and let them know that we have no problem with them joining. If fact we love it when new people join us who have different ideas.

If you join and don't have an STi you don't have to worry about being bashed, trolled, laughed at, or being made fun of. This community was designed for people to come and be protected from key board warriors and trolls. Not once in 4 years has a member been made fun of for asking a simple question, or for what he or she drives. We're all equal here and won't let this crap happen.

Our admins and moderators are the main reason we have been successful. They truly have a love and passion for this community and protect it at all cost. We would like to thank each of them for everything they do for the community and thank them for investing so much time and energy into making us the best we can be. (YOU ROCK) THANK YOU!!!

All we ask is you spread the word and show support to igotasti.com. You ask how to support us? Just post up and tell all your friends that we aren't like the rest! Also check out our list of rules below that have been in force since day one.

Thanks again everyone for all your love and support of igotasti.com. :tup:


  • 1. Please welcome new members
  • 2. Everyone is equal
  • 3. Everyone is to be respected
  • 4. No bashing
  • 5. No stalking or mistreating ladies who join us: treat with respect at all times
  • 6. No cussing at each other
  • 7. There are NO stupid questions. Each question asked could help others, and builds the data base. Remember you might know that answer so please help others
  • 8. No hijacking post threads or posting irrelevant sidetracks unless it’s in the Off Topic Forum
  • 9. If there is a issue please report the post so we can take care of the issue in a calm manner. Don’t engage and make the situation worse. Remember these are forums and sometimes posts can come across the wrong way, and the person didn't mean to offend you
  • 10. NO DRAMA!!!! If you like to cause DRAMA then we are not for you, and you will be banned. We have a great community and will not let a few ruin it for us all
  • 11. Selling on our forums or on our Facebook pages is forbidden unless you are a paying vendor. You will be banned and lose your membership fees. We protect our paying vendors

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Robert Viehweger

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It's about the love, not the possession. :) Without the love, there can be no possession. Everyone has to start with something! :luvawd: