Anyone try iracing?


With sports shut down I?ve seen a lot of pros racing on iracing. Even some with decent broadcasts. Unlike other esports, I feel like racing better mimics real world.

i considered buying a wheel and pedals before realizing, like toilet paper, everyone was snagging them and jacking up the prices. O well, I refuse to pay double for shit because some other people are willing to.

Any of you guys race with the full wheel and pedals on a sim?


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Maybe [MENTION=652]Grinder34[/MENTION] ?


Track Monkey

I did one or two laps once many many years ago. A buddy who was/is big into honda challenge loved it and even had wheels/pedals/shifter out of an Integra (his racecar) wired up somehow with a spare Recaro so he was basically sitting in a virtual version of his car.

I found it difficult because the cues that I use when driving quickly weren't quite there so it was hard for me to tell if I was braking too hard/early/late, at least in the few laps I tried. Obviously the pros can make it work pretty well for them, i'm definitely not a pro!