Archie my old 2002 SRP WRX


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Bought it Stock




Okay lets see if i can remember the list.

FP 16G turbo
Ebay CAI
CNT Down Pipe
Ebay Catback
Spearco TMIC
Modified 525cc Injectors
Drag DR-5 18x8
Rally Armor Classic Mud Flaps w Red Logos
Vision Pro headlights
Tuned by Logan @ Truetune made 255WHP and 260WTQ

Its funny i thought that car was the shit when i had it but when i look at the mods the list feels so small... i still miss this car every day though

The story behind it is a long one but ill sum it up for you. I joined the Military out of high school. I was in LOVE with Evos and had my heart set on a Rally Red Evo VIII. My dad kept saying have you ever heard a boxer engine? and kept pushing me saying you have to hear this car. i told him Subarus arent my thing i think they are cool Evos are cooler. well around the corner from my house there is a shop that was build Subarus and i saw a couple STis and a WRX sitting outside. so one day i pointed them out to my dad while we were driving past and he said lets go check them out. so reluctantly i agreed. I started talking to the builder and started looking at the AW 02 WRX. I started drilling him with questions and he answerd all of them. Then my dad asked him can you start this car so i can show him what ive been telling him. the guy walked in the shop came out and started it. It was sweet sweet music to my ears! immideatly i asked if i could buy the car, he said no this is a customers car, so naturally i left and started looking. all i could do is research WRXs i was on KSL (a local classifieds website) looking until i stumbled on this Sedona Red Pearl 02 WRX with a black hood scoop for 8200 (this was in 2009) i called up the guy and test drove it that day. i immidiatley felt as if the car was for me. I had to wait 2 weeks before picking it up for my enlistment bonus. the morning i woke up and called my bank. the money was gone as fast as it was deposited. i bought the car stock and built it myself learning alot about parts and tuning. So many good memories but in December 2010 i had to let it go for my STi. Like i said before i miss it every day but im happy with my current build but someday i will find this car again wether the engine is blown or runs like a champ i will find this car again because i know its out there