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Just had my new exhaust installed. I was looking for a quiet exhaust close to the stock level but I still wanted the same level of performance as the loud ones. After many hours of research I settled on AVO. I haven't heard anything about this manufacturer but the reviews were good and the quality looked as good as any other but what sold me was the promise of stock sound levels yet a nice low rumble without the restriction. After installing it, I was not disappointed in any way.

Quality and Construction.

Thick gauge 316 stainless, hand welded and full 3". The unit is polished to a mirror shine and is mandrel bent to perfection. The muffler is a custom unit and is seam welded, not rolled. The flanges are thick and gasket matched and polished. I have seen other manufactures use better flanges but these are not bad by any means. One of the selling points of this exhaust is its light weight and you can see how they achieved this by the use of hollow hanger mounts.

Fitment and Installation

Fitment was perfect. Not much more to add here. It just fit and installed with out any issues what so ever. They supplied you with everything you need to install it including new hardware and gaskets. The hardware is of the highest quality.

Sound and Performance

They didn't lie. The sound is no louder than stock but the tonal quality is soft yet low and rumbly. It massages your ears at every RPM and doesn't exceed legal levels no matter how fast you go. I personally love it. There is no noticeable difference in performance as compared to the invidia N1 exhaust that it replaced.


What can I say. It's not cheap. I managed to find one for $700 but most vendors are selling this for $760 and more. You get what you pay for though and I would imagine this is no different.








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This ain't no Jasma! :lol:

When will you be taking a sound clip for us?

That finish is beautiful! Make sure you keep it shining unlike your dirty car! :tard:

-Speaking of lightweight, how much does it weigh?


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AVO makes good stuff. A bit pricey but they seem to be well received by those who buy their stuff.
Looks great. Would love to hear it.


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I'll get a video ASAP. I'm not sure if I can capture the true sound of it with my phone, or at all because it is very quiet.

[MENTION=1172]Alin[/MENTION], I couldn't find a JASMA exhaust that I like and I had to do something quick because the wolves were circling. This was my next choice. And yes the car is very dirty.


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Very nice exhaust. You get what you pay for. 👍

Also our HKS Carbon Fiber TI exhaust was more than yours, lol.


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Nice to finally see a review of this. I had been on the hunt for the same kind of exhaust you were looking for. I ended up snagging a used AMS for a good price but I had looked into this one a lot. Never really found anyone using them to get real word photos/sound clips. If my AMS ends up being louder than I anticipate I'll probably nab one of these guys.

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Did you get the whole turbo back exhaust for 700$? I?m looking for a quiet exhaust too but also want the power increase from a cat less down pipe and 3? exhaust. Where did you buy this from?


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It was not turbo back. you need to buy the down pipe separately. I forgot where I purchased it though.