Cross country road trip '04 STi

I really liked Texas, it's got a cool variety of terrain. The people drive pretty fast though! It was really cool near the Texas/Arkansas border.
We made it back last night around 8:00pm local time. 5,400 miles total. My STi hit 100k miles somewhere in Kentucky yesterday, it was bittersweet. Was a fantastic trip! I forgot to mention earlier in this thread that while we were in southern California we went to Universal Studios Hollywood and rode every ride/attraction, and then the next day we met my brother at Capistrano beach and went surfing, caught a few good waves and watched a female surf school (very nice sights there lol). Then the next day after surfing we all went to Knott's Berry farm and rode every ride TWICE! Such a blast! After a short visit with family in Cali we started to head back east. Got stopped at a couple border patrol inspection stations near the Texas/Mexico border looking for illegal immigrants, was kinda freaky for a country boy like me lol. We stopped in Murfreesboro Arkansas and did the diamond mining thing, found some neat gemstones but no diamonds, but still fun (and hot). Going thru Arkansas at night time was crappy, the bugs were so thick that it was like rain hitting the windshield, there is a carpet of bugs on the front bumper still from that state that I need to wash off today. Anyways an epic trip, such a fun one to take the STi on.......who says you can't take a 13 year old sports car on a 5400 mile trip!!!

The strange thing and only one problem we had was the headlights, but they are working just fine now, still need to look into it and figure out if there is a bad connection issue or something hidden. Time to order a timing belt and water pump kit soon and replace it all, but first I've got to get the old vw bus registered and legal to drive first so I can drive it while the STi is down (STi is my daily also). I'm sure I'll be asking questions and lots of them when it comes time to replace the timing belt. I'll post more pics in a bit.


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It was so awesome following this thread. Im glad u had a great time and the STi performed so well!

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Thanks! I'm not the greatest author or story teller but I did my best, it was hard to keep updating the thread because of so many things on the agenda and lots of late nights causing me to delay posting lol. Glad my thread was entertaining though!

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A few more pics

Near Texarkana:

Typical day in Phoenix:

Somewhere near El Paso/Mexico border area, Guadalupe mountain range in background.

Just a mile or 2 away from my hometown where I grew up in Cave Creek, AZ.

Old Mining shack in remote desert area near Wickenburg, AZ:

Relaxing on the beach, El Capistrano CA:

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Great pics!

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A few years back I was doing some work for CBP near Nogales, and every time we passed through the inspection station (staying a little out of town), they asked "is everyone in this car an American Citizen," to which I replied "yes." Turns out one of my co-workers is an "American Person" as he's awaiting his citizenship. Every time after that I felt like I was gonna poo my pants when they asked me. But I think they meant to ask "american person" as he had all his paperwork, and was there consulting for them.


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Glad you made it back safely from your trip! I bet it was a hell of an experience from your perspective! :tup: I haven't been very active lately and I haven't touched the STi either. :rambo:
Yes it was a hell of a trip but absolutely fun and I'd do it again! I haven't done much to the STi either since we've been back, the VW bus we are restoring kinda took priority the last few weeks in a push to get her out to a few shows before the summer is over. ?

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