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EXHAUSTdB @ IdledB @ 3000 rpm
Turbo XS (Magnaflow) Axleback93104
APS 3"97109
Borla XR-195106
A'PEXi GT98110
Greddy EVO95103
APS 3.5"96107
Worx Tuning99111
HKS Hi-Power92108
Cobb Tuning100106
TurboXS (Magnaflow)98106
Compare that To:
Weakest Sound Heard0
Whisper Quiet Library30
Normal Conversation (3-5')60-70
Telephone Dial Tone80
City Traffic (Inside Car)85
Train Whistle at 500', Truck Traffic90
Subway Train at 200'95
Sustained Exposure = Hearing Loss90-95
Power Mower at 3'107
Powersaw at 3'110
Rock Concert115
Pain Begins125


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Turbo Magazine - September 2002
Manufacturer Blitz
Type Nur-Spec Racing
Sound Decibel @ Idle 104 dB
Sound Decibel @ 3000 rpm 103 dB

...that looks odd, Turbo...

Never seen an exhaust that was quieter at 3000 than it was at idle and thats a rather high db for idle.


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I am reading up on different installs of that exhaust. Some say they hit 127 db then put the catback back onto the center and it dropped to 105 db range.

Thats comparable to putting cherrybomb on for an exhaust or any glasspack or straight pipe.

Robert Viehweger

Daily Driver
Just to revive this for one detail that could be rather important for folks needing a comparison. Does anyone have information on stock db levels for the various years? I know I'm personally in need of the information for a 2011+ for comparison.