Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tires


Disclaimer: These were not on any of my Subarus. I had them on a Mini Cooper S.

Looks: Awesome 9/10 nice aggressive looking tread and attractive sidewall
Dry Grip: Awesome 9/10 warmed up pretty quick and really gripped well
Wet Grip: Very Good 8.5/10 never had any problems, always gripped well
Noise: Very Good 8/10 far better than the all season Goodyear tires that were on the car
Comfort: Very Good 8/10 better than expected, comparable to other quality tires of the same ratio

Highly recommend. Not sure they are worth the regular price, but if on sale they are my go to if buying summer tires. I use them as my benchmark to compare all other tires in terms of dry & wet grip.