Form and Function Crew / Wicked Whips New York season opener at the Warwick Drive-in!


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Welcome to the WWNY/FFC season opener.

May 17, 2015! 12pm-8pm Then its MOVIE TIME! ---AVENGERS 2: Age of Ultron!

Just an FYI, this drive-in has not 1, not 2, but *3* screens that will be showing the movie.

This is a massive area and is capable of holding the entire meet while watching the movie.

Share this event on Instagram with the #wwnyffcopener for a chance to win an event shirt!

Here's the low down.

Vendors will be listed shortly and updated as they sign up...don't worry, they're coming! They will also be offering *attendee* only discounts that will be better than any discount offered normally!

Admission: $15 per car $10 per passenger beyond the driver. Children under 12 free
So bring the kiddies!

Your admission includes:

-Admission to the event

-Avengers 2 Movie ticket (will play once it gets dark)

-Free mini soda and popcorn for the movie

-Any and all EVENT ONLY discounts that will be given out by sponsors and vendors. (There will be special discounts given at the door by our sponsors for attendees only)

What will be happening that day:
-Season opener
-Concession stand will be open all day
*There is no outside food or drink allowed*
-Clubs will be in attendance and have booths
-50/50 Raffle that will be called near the end of the day
-Normal Raffle with tiered prizes!
*You must be in attendance at drawing to win either raffle*
-At the end of the meet the drive-in will play Avengers 2 at that time you can redeem your ticket for the popcorn and soda.

Sponsors that will be raffling items and giving EXCLUSIVE attendee only discounts:

Vendors that will be in attendance:
NYC Wheel Painting

More vendors and more sponsors coming in the coming days! Releasing one vendor/sponsor a day so stay tuned to the event page!

The Page for the event is:



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We're very excited to Sponsor this event!

Thank you [MENTION=2871]StanleytheSTi[/MENTION] for asking us to be an event Sponsor. :ty:


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If anyone of our members are up that way get us some pics! We would love to see them. ;)


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JJ if i go ill take as many pics as i can. probably going to take my little cousin he loves the avengers


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JJ if i go ill take as many pics as i can. probably going to take my little cousin he loves the avengers

Sweet! Hook up with [MENTION=2871]StanleytheSTi[/MENTION].


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Check the Event page people! Vendors and sponsors are being updated.

And don't think we're stopping there...

I've got much more in store for you all that are attending.

Updates released every few days.


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Do we pay for the tickets upon arrival or do we need to purchase them ahead of time?