GD: Rain guards for 02-07 Impreza/WRX/STi


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Well, I never thought I would review a damn set of rain guards! :lol:|Model:Impreza&hash=item43af7fb0ee&vxp=mtr

Let me tell you... These things make a world of difference... Who the hell would've known!? They take 10 minutes to install and are a subtle exterior mod. However, that is not the intended purpose of these! These things actually work! Before, I used to be miserable and drive with the windows up whenever it rained outside as I didn't want any rain getting inside my precious vehicle! :( Now, my life is improved more than ever before! Yes, I bought rain guards! :tup: Now, I can drive while there is an onslaught of pouring rain with my windows cracked 1 inch without having to worry about rain getting inside the vehicle!

Like I previously stated, a subtle look!

Wow!!!! Look at that! Protection when you need it! :bigtup:



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Sweet. I was wondering about these if they were very effective. Its handy for us smokers on rainy days especially.
Got the same ones on mine too. Not much chance to test here, it's rained once or twice here and I stay home because the idiots driving here get even stupider with any weather that's not sunshine.


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Any indication about high-speed durability? Do you think they'd stay on at 130+?


On a quest of STi erudition!
Ive been only 90 as far as speed goes. They get put on with an adhesive on the molding. Then the rain gaurds have 3m tape. So thats double the adhesive resistance. Then finally the guards get clipped in with the clips provided. I dont think ill be testing that high speed but i bet they will stay on. I got some of the adhesive liquid on my fingers and they wouldnt break. Had to lay hand in warm/hot water for a few min.


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Yeah, much better than the ones I had on my '11 (inserted into the upper window channels); lost one driving 40 mph with the windows down. Didn't realize it till later too, but it explained why the pickup behind me suddenly swerved