Genuinely Curious What You Guys Think Of My Setup So Far


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Hey guys.

So a month ago, I bought a 2015 STI with 104k miles.

Two owners, no accidents, clean car, bone stock.

Since I purchased the vehicle, I've installed

Remark Catback exhaust/muffler deletes,
Cobb access port (Running Stage 1 MAPerformance OTS tune MAPerformance wouldn't give me the stage 1+ tune because I didn't have the MAPerformance intake.

I have received but haven't installed the Killer B oil pickup and baffle for the oil pan and getadomtune cyl four cooling kit.

Also, have a Perrin Top mount intercooler en route.

My max boost is 20lbs in sport sharp.

I was just wondering if there are any reliability issues I haven't addressed or looked into.

Your thoughts on MAPerformance, OTS tunes, etc.

First Subaru I've owned, so any
feedback is greatly appreciated =D Thanks!
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Great start!

Post up some pictures.

(Do you need assistance?) Please do not hesitate to PM us directly.


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dyno at snail tuning /m45
at sonoma
so heres what i have installed so far.
AEM Cold Air INtake
REMARK catback exhaust Remark muffler deletes
Cobb access port with Tune by Snail Performance at m45
3 port electronic boost controller
tein flex z coilovers
cyl 4 cooling mod
killer bee oil pickup/baffle
perrin intercooler
Perrin transmission mount