Good back roads in Maryland


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Hey everyone. I'm new to the site and to being a subie owner. I've had my '05 sti for about 4 months now. Was wandering if you guys had any favorite roads around the baltimore and carrol county area. i live pretty close to Baltimore city so its hard to find good roads that dont have much traffic on them. I have a few that are fun, just looking for more new roads to drive.


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Welcome to IGOTASTI!!!

Pics of the ride!!

What car did you have prior?

Cant help with the roads as im not from around there.


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Thanks Alin. I'm excited to be a part of the Subaru community. I'm going to post more pics in the intro thread but here is my favorite one which has gotten shared around on some car pages on social media.



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Nice pic. ;)


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Im from DC, but I think fun roads in the area are few and far between. Good excuse for a day trip out west to the mountains!


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its not that theres no good roads around here, its just finding ones that dont have traffic and dont have stop signs and lights. Its winter now so ill be heading out to the mountains every weekend. i got a few roads out there that i like and ill definitely be doing more exploring every time i go out.