Hello everyone, new member here.


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Hello everyone,

First of all, good to be here among other STI enthusiasts! A little about my self: I am from NC, and currently work as a Data Center Technician. I have always loved Subaru since early high school, and dreamed of a blobeye parked in my driveway. Alas, never got that car, but I do own a VA limited STI now. She doesn't disappoint, I really like the look of this chassis. Anyway attached is a picture of my ride.



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Welcome to IGOTASTI!!! You're going to absolutely love it here!!

What other cars have you had in the past? How does the STi compare to them?

Have you done any modifications yet? If not, do you plan on doing so?


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Subaru wise Ive owned a '97 legacy GT, fun little car. I've owned a Monte Carlo. K5 Blazer, Bonneville, and currently drive a '02 Tacoma alongside my 50th. Nothing compares to the STI. I hear people say the clutch is different feeling in the VA chassis, but I wouldnt personally know. I love it! I don't plan to do extensive mods to my 50th, but my goal is to grab a GC chassis or a blobeye like I always wanted and build from the ground up as a project car. Getting hard to find though. What I aim to do is go for a rally themed car, WR blue and everything. Maybe take it to some tracks!


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I dont think the pic attached.

What mods, if any do you plan to do to the 50th?

If you're looking for a project car, what are your requirements? I'd think they'd be low if you're basically going to start over and build it from scratch.


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No mods for my 50th really. For my project car I'd like to stay true to a WRC inspired car, and possibly take it on some tracks for some fun. Id like a sequential transmission too. I have no experience with those, so if you have any info on those transmissions, please shed some light? For instance installation, and operation.