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Hey, Milton I just bought my 1st Subby WRX, it's a used 08 WRX, its WR Blue with black hood, black front bumper, a exhaust already installed (havent had time to inspect the brand yet), and it seems to be mostly stock, but I havent had much time to get a better look under the hood or to take pictures of it yet due to my wife and I being in the process of moving, but pics and more info will be coming soon.

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Welcome to IGOTASTI!! You're going to absolutely love it here!! Can't wait to see pictures!

What other cars have you had in the past? How does the WRX compare to them? Is there anything you don't like about it? What do you love about it?

What made you decide to get a 2008 WRX? Were you considering any other vehicles?


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Just wondering what made you get a car without a chance to inspect it? When you get a chance, post up some pics and we can help you figure out what's stock, and what's not!

Also, give us some impressions!