How-To Rules


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How To Section Rules

1.) All other forum rules apply

2.) If posting a How-To instruction guide on this site We reserve the right to review its content for accuracy and work flow. If it is not acceptable then there is a good chance it will not be approved for use on this site or it may not be listed in the table of contents.

3.) Search First before posting. If an instructional guide already exists then your post may be deleted. (Some exceptions may apply)

4.) Please be clear and use proper grammar

5.) Know your technical terms

6.) The work should be your own! If it is not, then only posting a link is acceptable.

We recommend you adhere to the following suggested format when creating a How-to Instructional Guide:

- Include a Table of contents
- Include safety instructions and reminders
- Include a list of required tools
- Include photos and link them in your content

Here is a good example of what a How-to instructional guide should look like,
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