Injector help


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Ok so I?m trying to finish up the motor build and I need some injector fitment help. First off I was originally going to run the stock 2 piece intake manifold. I fit my fp red turbo and the connection between the manifold and tgv?s impeded too much onto the turbo inlet. So I got a n/a long runner manifold off of a 08 forester. Well since I ordered a side feed to top feed conversion kit through DW. They don?t fit anymore because it was a kit for the old tvg?s. As far as I know this n/a manifold is a top feed injector. But the base seals don?t seem very tight. So I?m wondering if the difference in years makes a difference and the seals are thicker or something. Could I possibly just order a new set through Subaru. I already emailed DW but I haven?t gotten a response back yet. Thanks in advance

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