New exhaust for skittles!!!


On a quest of STi erudition!
Welcome back Sean! Glad to see youre still alive! :lol:
Yes I am. Lol. The car is doing good. I just got it back about a week ago. Complete new ac system, trans mount, transmission front output seals, new cv's, and new front ball joints. All under warranty. Lol.
I need to get some more recent pics of her. I'll probably wait until these are on though. Still need to order the other two. Picked these two up for 50, the other two were stolen out of his garage before he caught the guy.
Here's the new. The bends are clean, welds look great. Not bad for a local company, total cost was 200. Sounds exactly like my roommates with the Perrin, but a bit louder.


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Very nice.
[MENTION=3144]RcSubies[/MENTION] we sent you a pm.
Cool. I'll look. And thanks. I figured why spend money on a top notch system. Here's the logic:

Same size piping
Same bends
1/2" flanges
Same performance

So, all your paying for is the name and the specific sound, which I have achieved almost to a perfect note. Now, on motor parts and drivetrain, I won't scrimp to save a buck. I have a Cobb dp, aem intake, Perrin inlet, Hallman mbc, and a protune from phattbotti. I might switch to yimisport though.
Tried replying. It says my inbox is too full... Even when everything was deleted. Weird. Anywho, JJ, this next Friday I will for sure.


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That's cause your membership expired. Basic members can only have 5 inbox between inbox and sent messages.


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We now have a lifetime membership. 👍
Still have to pick it up. Finances have been hell. Almost done with the teeth though, one implant and a cavity left then done. Thank god!
Still haven't gotten it. Ugh. It's one thing after another, in and out of the hospital all week for back pain. Not fun.
Alright guys, laptop is in the shop for a new screen (dropped it), and tapatalk won't let me post a new thread. So, I accidentally spilled red bull on my dccd toggle yesterday. It gummed it up pretty bad. I pulled it apart this morning, and it functions smoothly now. But, I don't know how to put it back together correctly. There is a little metal spring/contact inside, it fell out when I pulled it apart and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put it back together!!! I've tried google for over an hour now and all it is, is wiring diagrams and pics of the switch itself. Does anyone have an idea of how that little bastard deal is positioned inside?


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Go to app store and make sure you have newest version.
Well, pulled the trigger and went custom. I'll get more after I wash her here this weekend. Also, another update, have a little one on the way!!!uploadfromtaptalk1437090502872.jpg
Nice picture of your Subby. I like the two tone paint scheme....Also CONGRATZ on the little one on the way. I can only imagine your excitement....One bit of advise start saving now....because you know one day he/she will one a sti of there own.....:lmao: