New exhaust for skittles!!!

I just went for what I haven't seen much of, let alone any. The copper is a custom mix of the crosstreks available orange, the pearl of the pearlescent and the yellow used on the old murcialago, the black is a true raven. Look up a pic of one with Google, you'll notice towards the inner of the wing feathers its blue. Same black as that. It took us about 6 hours to decide. The paint guy was stoked. When I went to check the progress a few days in, the car had about 400 pieces of yellow tape on it for each dent and ding, stuff I never even noticed. The body is literally 100% flawless. It took just shy of a month and a half.
Just saw the rest of your post. Lol. We have been saving for a while. I am super stoked. Its my first and her second. I'm honestly happy as all hell!!!
Ahh i got one of those my self...A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN A MINIVAN....:lol:....i have an older 05 Youkon Denali. As for the kid situation take it day by day..i was in your situation about 3 years ago where it was my first her second....just remember if she wants McDonalds ice-cream at 2am you better be ready to drive where ever to get it....seriously though, you probably have heard this before, but having your first child is an life experience in its own category that can be a defining moment in your life. I see that your down in ridge-crest was just down there not to long ago for family business. Looked like a ton of fun roads out that way...So wish i had my Sti when i went down there....

Oh yeah, I'm loving it though, if she'd let me, I'd wait on her hand and foot 24hrs a day. Lol. Independent mama for sure!!! You should come back through, I know all the fun roads up in bear, of course not speeding with the Mrs or kiddos on board.