Question - Buying A Used 2019 STI w/Cobb SF Intake


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Hi All,

Just like the title says, I have a question on an STI I am looking at purchasing and would love your help/feedback.

The only modification the dealership has found is a Cobb SF Intake. The car has 20k miles as well and is a 2019 STI. I'm definitely getting a leak down test to make sure the engine is healthy but I'm wanting to know how concerned should I be buying this car with the intake. I know the SF intake requires you to have a tune but there is no AP with the vehicle. The car could have a tune or maybe the previous owner flashed it back to stock? One thing I'm thinking is if I do purchase the car, the first thing I'm going to get is get an AP and quick tune for the intake and I would try and do that asap.

I'm obviously new to the scene but would love some input from you all.



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First and foremost, welcome to IGOTASTI!! You're going to absolutely love it here!!

What car do you currently drive? What other cars have you had in the past?

The dealer should be able to determine if the ECU has been flashed in the past. You also need to be aware that the possibility of the car still being married to an Accessport exists if it's not present, although unlikely these days.

If you can determine that the ECU retains the stock tune, I'd advise you find and buy a stock intake, and ditch the Cobb. The 2019+ STi's have the 2018 Type RA's engine and transmission. They make more than enough adequate power in stock form, in my opinion. Scroll down to 2018+ in this thread for numbers:


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previous car was a 99? Cobra

If the car has been flashed before, what can I do to get this ecu back to stock? The car is not at a Subaru dealership, it?s at a Ford dealership.


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If you can, post some pictures of the Cobra you had! Why did you get rid of it?

Ok, so when you flash a map from a Cobb AP onto an STi, it's referred to as "marrying" the ECU. This means the ECU is coded to a specific Cobb AP, and the two are intertwined. It's been a while, so I don't remember exactly how it works. However, if an ECU is married to an AP, and the AP is lost, it's like losing a key. You would've lost the ability to lock and unlock the ECU (or flash maps onto the ECU).

We're getting in a lot of hypothetical scenarios now. Essentially, you have to take things one step at a time. Here's a quick rundown of what I'm imagining the course of action would be:

1) Ask the Ford dealer if they can determine if the ECU has been flashed, whether they have the tools needed, or if they need to take their car to a Subaru dealer. I'm not sure if Subaru's tools actually show them what map is flashed onto any given ECU, but it should tell them if the ECU has ever been flashed, at the very minimum.

2) ONCE YOU HAVE DETERMINED IF THE ECU HAS THE STOCK MAP FLASHED ON IT, then I'd strongly urge to have a stock intake installed onto the car.

I personally believe you should look for another car if the Ford dealer, or another Subaru dealer, CANNOT prove that the ECU has the stock map on it. For a beginner, it's a lot of hassle and unnecessary pain in the ass because there are so many variables at play. I'm trying to reiterate to you, in a condensed post, of my decade long journey in this domain. You have to do your own research, and that's the most time consuming aspect of it all. (Not take my word for it, but actually take time to sit down and read up on every aspect.) (It also portrays to every other aspect in life.)

I'll try to help you as much as I can, but in the end, it'll be up to only you as to what you determine is the best course of action to take. I'd also suggest you find someone locally that can help you out IN PERSON. It's a lot easier than trying to type from behind a computer screen.