Rev matching..


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What's the best way to do it..

Clutch in and blip or blip before?

Having clutch in will burn it i know that. Clutches are like tires, They take abuse and will need one sooner or later.

Mind you, I'm referring to normal city driving. I usually double clutch on a track.


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IMO there is no need to rev match a tranny with synchros. Least of all for daily driving. HPDE may be a different story but I don't do much of that these days :lol:


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Maybe I wanna be in the right gear to blow by the cop that just past me. haha.

I hate "bogging" the engine. 4th gear going like 20mph isn't really ideal...
Down shifting and not rev matching will cause the car the jerk a little too much.


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^ ditto. It takes a little time, but you learn the exact throttle tap you need.


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I also tap the gas while I'm releasing the clutch. It's so fast that I doubt it even has time to burn/wear the clutch much..

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