RIP Dan Wheldon 10/16/11


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Tragic day today in racing.
I don't think this was posted anywhere.
15 car crash at Las Vegas and he did not walk away. The race was canceled and the drivers did a 5 lap salute to him and his family.
RIP Dan, you will be missed!


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I just heard about this. :(


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No I didnt see it on here yet, was just going to post about it. This is tragic, he was one of the greats and will be sadly missed. However so many people wish if they have to die they are able to die doing something they love and I believe he is doing one of the things he loved.


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Thats what I was thinking too. It would be the way to go just sad with being so young and with what he was trying to do today. Not a happy ending to the season.
For me it just really hits home with being a road racer... ya I don't drive an open wheel car or do 200+ mph, but you never know what is going to happen.


RIP, he was a great racer who was widely respected. He will be missed, I hate to see these things happen, but it does often lead to investigations on how to make things safer which is always good. If a few drivers lives can be saved due to this tragedy, I am sure Mr. Weldon will be smiling down on us all.