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In another post a driving technique was mentioned called "floating gears" by [MENTION=9]HolyCrapItsFast[/MENTION] and [MENTION=1507]Spamby[/MENTION]. If I understand the concept correctly, this is upshifting without using the clutch pedal. I'm intrigued by this concept, and was wondering if someone wouldn't mind explaining the idea further.


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We call it butterfly shifting. 👍


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There is a certain RPM that you can take your car out of gear without using the clutch. Likewise, there is a certain RPM that you can put your car back into gear without using the clutch. That is what "floating" the gears is.

Does that help some?


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lets say you're doing a 3-4 shift
you can pull the car out of 3rd into neutral (do it off the gas)

practice doing that a few times

Then, from neutral, as the rpms get lower you'll fall through the proper RPM for 4th and with some slight pressure backwards, the stick will notch back into 4th at the proper time. You dont want to pull back too hard, just gently. If you missed it, you can blip the throttle and try again.


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can i just ask who came up with the word "blip" i have never heard that before. i now realize what you are referring to.


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Ive never went into gear like this but i do get out of gear without the clutch when coming to a stop.

Does it go into gear as smooth as it comes out? Im too afraid to try it. :(


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yeah it goes in with about the same pressure. Dont be afraid. And you can ramp up the pressure with multiple attempts by blipping throttle if you miss it. Do it! :tup:


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If you miss the gear just put in the clutch as normal. The danger with floating the gears is missing the gear and grinding the synchros.

I don't believe there to be any advantage or disadvantage either way other than sheer laziness, but it does reduce stress or use of the clutch and all of it's mechanisms. On the down side it does add a little stress on the synchro as you apply pressure while waiting for it to engage with the gear. As long as there is no grinding, you should be fine.

It might be good to learn this technique regardless. Should you lose operation of your clutch, you will need to use this method to limp home or to the shop. My throw out bearing let go once and this method got me home. It was stoping at lights that was the bitch because I had to shut the engine off when stopping and then start it while in gear to get going again. I didn't like doing that.:lol:
I tried it yesterday, very easy in high gears. 3-4-5-6, down-shift or up-shift. but 1-2-3 is almost impossible, I got it 1 time out of 3 and scared to try again loose a tooth :)