Some of my current cars and a few from the past

I'm no pro at uploading pics in certain order or anything but here is a collection of pictures of current and past cars we've owned.


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And a few more, sorry it's a total mess of pictures :lol:


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Sorry for the late reply! The truck is a 1960 ?double cab? or ?crew cab?. It?s still a bus but the rear is obviously converted to a truck. The bed sides fold down and turn it into a flatbed truck. It seats 5 people somewhat comfortably. Very rare and unique VW for sure, and earlier ones like mine are extremely hard to find. I was considering selling it to finance other projects but decided to keep it. Once I get it shipped out here to IN (it?s in AZ right now at my brothers place) it will reside in the basement as a conversation piece, ya the wife is cool with it because it?s technically her VW. We plan to store it in climate controlled basement for a few years and then possibly sell it, I dunno we?ll see. I was recently offered $40k for it from a vw restoration shop, however I just can?t do it yet and I feel it?s worth more than that.

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Track Monkey
Man, that's awesome. It in good shape mechanically? Hows the interior holding up?