Tim's Twin Scroll 06 STI: Parts review, parts ordered and more parts to come


On a quest of STi erudition!
Post videos! And pictures! Lots of pictures! :lol:


I replaced a stripped lug stud. It was easier than I thought. When I read a how-to it seemed easy but I don't think I did it the same way. I had to take off the brake pads, caliper and rotor then unscrew 5 allen screws to release the silver ring behind the hub and lug heads. I shifted that to the side then banged out the stud. I used some washers and the nut with an impact and got the stud to seat

My unit in Germany deactivated and had a huge bay full of all the excess stuff that was in our conexs. I came up on this nice Snap-on tool cart for free


I got the car aligned before making another Ring trip and I had asked for -1.5* f/r. Well the Germans use a different system so 1.5 of their measurments = -1.8*. No worries though. While at the alignment shop, the tech noticed a cv boot without a clamp and grease everywhere.

I had to use 2 hose clamps on it to hold grease. Until getting it fixed.

I had been itching to do something to my car after helping a buddy install a fmic and tons of other parts. I took out my custom shift boot and ebrake as well as painted my center console. My dash I went from this:

To this:


In April of '13 I went back to the Ring and did 5 more laps.The day started off with meeting at the gas station on post where I met upwith a vette, Evo X and a 128i at 5:30am. We left at 6 then linked up with a buddy coming from Graf, in Wurzburg, in his M3 around 6:45. From there we had about another 3-4hr's to go so what do you think happened on the autobahn?? Not racing because it's legal to go that fast ;)

M3 vs Stg2 EvoX

Me vs Corvette (everyone rags on me for this video but he got on it and let off as I kept going, so what)

M3 vs LS2 corvette

The guy in the bmw had a video of me and the M3 and I took him by about a bus length from 80-135mph.We drove for about 2.5hrs and linked up with a buddy whom I'd met at Ft. Hood before in his STI with a Precision 6262, 272's and e85

Then we finally made it to the track ~10am.

Everyone parked, downloaded gear, spare tires etc and we all went to pay forour laps. I go for a weak run to shake the jitters off and to get accustomed tothe track and conditions. I miss judged a blind corner, lost it and fishtailed. I almost went into the grass: skip to 1:50 (inside view)


Driving fails, outside view skip to 0:19 for me or enjoy the rest lol

When I was done with the 1st lap, as I was parking I saw smoke coming for the hood hhhhhhh My coolant line was pissing all over the turbo blanket. There was a puff of fire and everyone freaked and started drenching my turbo with water.

The line had melted on the turbo blanket so we got the line off, cut off the melted portion, loosened the banjo, moved it slightly, tightened it and the line
back down. Topped off the fluid after we ate lunch and all was well again whewww

On the last lap I noticed my car got extremely loud. I figured it was my catback exhaust gasket that blew. I got the car on a lift to inspectthe exhaust and one of my ewg's to see if one was stuck open. I checked the lines and all wereconnected still. Turned out the wastegate had an internal screw back itself out so that the valve couldn't shut properly and the car sounded like a Harley. It didn't boost right as it was allowing exhaust flow to bypass the turbo prematurely. I fixed that within a few days.

On my way home I got pulled over. I was certain is was for my exhaust. It just turned out to be a random stop but the politzei saw me get out of the car weird (from driving ALL day) and told him how I went to the track andwe started bs'ing about cars for a second lol He asked how much power.."430 tothe wheels", he was shocked so I asked him how much his had, pointing at theirpatrol car "haha maybe 200ps (engine hp)". LOL I instantly thought to myself, so I couldoutrun the politzei in a quick second as long as I keep hitting turns :p I'm sure they would get me top end, it'd just take them a minute to get there. Afterwe got back in the car, my buddy took a picture of the politzei and posted it on facebook, tagging me. He didn't realize what he'd done until afterwards and he couldn't delete it until he got to his computer. Get it?? lol

Here are some photo's from the Ring of my car:

I love the second to last one! My front end looked way too high but that's the lowest it would adjust 14.5"f/13.5"r. I recently adjusted it after taking out the tender spring and got the front to 14" for a nice level look.

I ended up beating an Audi R8 and got it on film. I don't know if he was full throttle or not but I don't care!! lol Unfortunately the video is high def and too big to upload into youtube :/
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I ended up selling my cracked cf hood that had condensation under the clear coat for $200 plus traded my buddy for his hood. The headlight corner tint was peeling up on one side so I just took those off too.

Since being here in Louisiana, the bugs are horrible on my 18-mile one way trip to work that the acid from the guts ate through the clear coat and paint so I have put my stock hood back on...starting to look stock again :( well sleeper status? mehhh I miss the cf look.

Well I made it to Ft Polk and I picked the car up. When Trans Global (shipping company) pulled my car around the front, this is what I saw:



Mounting holes were broke, my bumper was popped off on the sides like they just gunned it getting it on the truck. Its wasn't that low in the front. I'm still fighting the claim from last Sept through USAA ins. as they made me pay the deductable!! $500, so, what I did was I showed the body shop the lip and showed them Importimageracing.com and the authentic lip for $550 instead of BaysonR $65 lol Fuck them. I actually recently found some more documents that should help USAA close the case. I had USAA pay me the body shops estimate and have ordered another BaysonR lip :p The bumper is actually fine but the body shop was going to replace it :)
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The normal maintenance oil change, tranny fluid and diff fluid change had been conducted and I have started autoXing in March.

Event #1:
My buddy in his EvoX went with me and we arrived on sight around 8:45. we enrolled in the SCCA, got teched in and started unloading our cars. I bought some shoe polish to find where my contactpatch was on the tires so I marked them and lowered my tire pressure to 40psiall around after talking to a very experienced evo driver parked next to me. Here are alot of the cars that attended (buddy on the right):

There were 4 heats: 1/3 & 2/4. If you weren't racing you were working the course. My second heat I gave my friend a ride since he was just spectating and my times were garbage. That 220lbs matters!! I was slidinglike crazy! The car wouldn't rotate the way it was without him and I'm sure alotof it was me trying to give him a good ride but I was punching it out of the turn and felt like I was spinning all the way to the next turn. Here is my fastest run:

Outside of car view:

Sideline view:


NOBODY believed me when I said it was my first autoX because I won 1st place in SM class. I was the fastest car out there besides the super go carts. On my last run I pushed the car wayyy too hard and I ended up taking a souvenir back to the pit with me lol It was stuck under my sideskirt :p Go hard or go home!
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In March of this year I took off the tender springs and made the adjustments to the coilovers. In April I dropped the car off with Cobb Plano and got converted to speed density. Two days before, the car started boosting funny again and it turns out both of the ewg's were royally fucked. The valves somehow were moving in their cylinders and had created grooves. Needless to say the intended rebuild turned into full replacements. We went with the new Tial MVS that are water cooled as well :) They also moved the o2 sensor into the uppipe so it basically is only reading 2 runners. Once it finally got on the dyno they stopped at 18psi as the engine was now working so efficiently that it was collapsing my turbo inlet:tard:. I've contacted KSTech and they are making me a hard pipe to replace the huge silicone reducer elbow. If I had to guess, right now I'm at ~370whp.


Cobb also did an alignment as they had to remove the strut to fix an axle and changed my camber alignment to
-2.0* f and -1.6* r

My dad picked the car up for me since it took 3 weeks for the work. I had borrowed his Dodge Stealth tt (stock). He brought the car to me 2 days before event #2. He ended up racing it and I was able to ride along and help him out...he needed it A LOT lol Old fart never raced like that before. We had a blast hitting cones and going the wrong way like he needed a GPS LOL I had a buddy riding with me for the first couple runs so he had a good time as well. The last couple runs I told him he had to get out so I can improve my times...I knocked off over a second off my fastest time as he weighed 240lbs :p

Here is my fastest run; 40.5sec:

This would of been my fastest but I messed up on the last turn 40.7 w/ bogging and letting off before the finish line :/

1st place again even being detune. This time I was 2nd fastest overall by .3 sec, 1st being an ls2 RX7.


me co-driving

My competition:
Another buddy's '14 evo w/ intake, tbe, fuel pump, injectors and i/c
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sized 800x450 and weights 52KB.

good sales pitch for this camaro

gc w/ 2.5block 2.0heads

turbo diesel

wrx w/ sti motor, turbo, tranny and drivetrain


ive been meaning to do the same thing with the radiator shroud. Would you mind sending me the dimensions you used, including the cutouts?


Sorry it took a year and a half lol

I also updated the 1st post/ parts list.
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I left the mounting holes out cut mine is not perfect and should be modified but I've been too lazy. It basically causes the radiator to hug the support harder.


Short story: I was doing well with autoX, got converted to speed density, spun a bearing, I rebuilt the engine, put 160 miles on it when my cam bolt sheared off causing my timing belt to come off and the car is at the dealership after hunting and fixing an oil leak 3 times. I found out I was using the wrong o-ring between the oil pump and block.

Long story: will have to wait until I return from vacation to upload all the pictures from the motor build etc.



I hope everyone had a good Xmas, I sure did, car apparel, car parts, tools and money. My wife got me some hella horns, STI hoodie and a Duracon shift knob. My Grandma got me an STI hat and shirt :) I just ordered:

Whiteline 27mm front swaybar
Whiteline 24mm front swaybar
Whiteline front and rear endlinks
Whiteline crossmember bushings
Whiteline steering rack bushings
TiC shifter pivot bushings
Kartboy exhaust hangers (old ones mysteriously snapped clean in half like someone stood on my exhaust :/ )

I sold a taillight that was delivered broken. FedEx reimbursed me more than I sold it for :) When I get home, I am torn between ordering BaysonR rain guards, Perrin black coupler set for fmic so I can get the manifold powder coated navy blue OR saving a little more to get the wheels sent off to get refinished and power coated navy blue. I painted my hella horns navy blue and built the harness so they're ready to install when I get home. I'm going to spend all next week installing the new parts and posting reviews since my vacation doesn't end until next Friday.

Honest opinions. This is a color scheme I came up with in Forza. Derived from the Dodge Viper ACR's. Rice? I am at the point I want to change the look dramatically to stand out. I might be getting prototyped on for some aero parts by Driveway Labs too :)

I am leaving my in-laws tomorrow for this 17hr drive back to NC. The dealership called a couple days ago saying the machine shop didn't put my spark plugs back in the heads so they need to get another set. The engine was assembled and ready to go it. I will be going on Saturday to pick it up. If it's STILL not done, I'm going to really flip a lid since they have had my car for 2 months.


On a quest of STi erudition!
Whew big update! I like that color scheme. It isnt rice if there is a nice power to weight ratio to back it up. :tup:


I finally made it home and FINALLY got my car yesterday!! I already installed the couple of parts I got for Xmas.

Duracon Shift Knob Review



I love the way it fits my hands. I really like the hourglass shape. It sits a little higher so I'm getting used to that but it really doesn't effect my throw so no big deal. It does get semi cold since it's cold outside. A couple of shifts later and its back at a comfortable temp.




As you can see, the knob is half of the weight of the oem knob. I noticed shifting takes a little more effort but it's not like you are really exerting much energy shifting anyways. It's more like I can feel the notchy feeling from the mechanics a little more.

Hella Horn Review



Let me just start off with saying these are exactly what I needed. These things are LOUD!! I've never heard them in person before. Upon install completion, I had my wife push the horn after I was standing by the gas tank. I STILL jumped even though I was expecting it lol


I heard the Hellas have to charge so I left one oem horn installed. I had to try a few configurations with the bolts to get the mounting even. I moved the locking chirper over the oem horn and mounted them directly below the hood latch 12mm bolt. I had to fold down a little flap of metal that orientated the chirper to get the passenger side Hella to mount in it's 10mm bolt location. I used the oem horns 12mm bolt for the driver side Hella.


I ordered the exhaust hangers and the pivot bushings and am waiting for those to arrive.

Whiteline was closed all of last week due to the holidays but will be ordering the sways and other bushings tomorrow. My vendor recommended Super Pro bushings instead of Whiteline's Anyone have experience with both for a comparison? I haven't really heard of Super Pro so I have mixed feelings.

I got a paint marker and am painting the raised letters on my tires :cool: I think it looks good. I've only done half of the tires since it was hard to reach the adjacent letters on the tires. I'll post a pic when I'm done.

I'm about to order some gel coat and rollers so I can start learning how to fiberglass and lay carbon fiber. I have a couple projects I want to do such as fender flares (once I get good) using foam and expanding foam sanded down with body filler. I also want to make a Go Pro attachment incorporated into the dome light. That way I can use a (couple) extension to get that roll bar location without a roll bar:cool:
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