Tuner in NJ


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Hello I just had a JDM engine installed in my 2003 wrx sedan. Also a new rebuilt tranny.

I was told before a tune I need mechanical fixes.

I changed my forge mbc and it spiked to 23psi.

After adjusting it I can't hit more than 12 psi. 12 psi was the same before the spike and with the old forge mbc.

The car was originally tuned for 18psi.

With the MBC turned to off it still boosts to 12psi?? This normal??

Blouch turbo 16g xt 750cc injectors full 3 in turboback catless exhaust.

Catless uppipe. On Jan cold air intake. Tgv deletes new intake manifold. Larger tmic. New headers. Walbro fuel pump The mbc was 10 years old so I replaced it and it's seemed to be the solution at first but isn't.

I'm being told I should have a smoke leak test done timing test done compression test done and then something to do with engine dialogue.

This guy is saying he can do this all for 180 find the mechanical problems and fix them then I take it to my original tuner from 10 years ago.

I was under the impression a tune up would check EVERYTHING.

Not just dyno tune it and send me home.

I have a feeling it has something to do with the internal Blouch turbo waste gate.

Could it be stuck open or dirty or jammed?

That was the main focus when I called this so called tuner that doesnt tune automatics.

My automatic did 1\4 in 11.67 back in 2010.

I would like a steady clean 18psi boost so if anyone has any pro suggestions I'd appreciate it.

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