yamahaSHO's WRB build.


And it's in winter hibernation:

Ok I'm bumping your build thread to make it easier to find in the future lol.

So is the oswald triangle brace really worth the cost. I see you wrote a positive comment and was curious how much of an improvement you believe it really made.

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Eh, I'll see about adding an update. I've maintained my build thread on the other board. I also moved back to Colorado last year.

As for the triangle brace... It got rid of the rear creaking when I'd pull out of my driveway.


It's been some time since I've had any real updates... Since the last round, the car has changed a bit. I removed the 20G and EWG as someone really wanted my 20G and I was easily convinced to get rid of my EWG because I hated the noise it made.

So now, I have a Full-Race stock location EFR 6758 w/.85 hot side, IWG, and utilized the BPV and 3-port controller that came with the turbo. I have swapped out the supplied wastegate actuator with a 2-port TurboSmart and a good deal of spring pressure. Some of you may recognize this picture on Full-Race's page for their stock location kit:


I also swapped out my Invidia header for a KillerB due to the material used and the warranty. It's a good header, however, I liked the Invidia better. My Invidia now lives on this 400+whp Forester XT of which I tune.




I could never stand the 2.25" reducer on the Cobb exhaust:


So I loaded up the car and took it to a buddies house to fix for me:



Sound clip:

I needed new pads and rotors, so I splurged on rotors and put on some new StopTech sport pads.


Also something to add... I also moved back to Denver about a year and a half ago. Back to not only living at high altitude, but this time I moved into the mountains a bit and live at about 8,000 ft ASL. I did some playing around with spring tension on my TurboSmart 2-port actuator and a little additional tuning, and the car seems to run well up here. Even with the larger hot side on the turbo and the altitude, I have spool characteristics like I had at 900 ft ASL in Omaha.


I put a little more preload on the spring and it shows a better behavior; I'm not too upset at 6,000 ft+ I drive at, however, I might put another 1-2mm of preload on and see what happens.

Here's a the short mountain drive I do every day to get to my house. It's pretty fun at times:


On a trip out to visit, a buddy of mine picked up my STi and towed it out to Denver and stored it for me so I could focus on the rest of the move. I was happy to get back out to hang out with him more, but then he had to go get hired as an engineer at Tesla and move to California. :)


And here is a current picture sitting in my driveway with my Diesel Jeep (which replaced the Cummins as it was 2WD):


Also, my track car is currently getting some upgrades... Although slow due to work and shitty people who back out on me.



Track Monkey
Awesome update! So many questions!

Why dont you like the killerB? Is it just the sound?

How did you decide on those rotors?

Same with how you picked which turbo when giving up the 20G?


I'm not fond of the sound of the KillerB compared to the Invidia, the O2 placement makes it a stretch for the wires, and it limits oil filter of 08+ heat exchangers. I can't say I notice a difference between the 2 headers in performance. The material and warranty really is what drew me in.

Rotors? I needed new rotors and figured I'd get something that frees up some weight, is made of good materials, and looks good. Additionally, Girodisc makes a rear rotor for this car, so there was no other brand in the running. :)

The EFR 6758 is a good driveable turbo. With the standard hot side, it spools like a stock turbo and make much more power. I wanted a larger hot side, to help with exhaust pressure. I chose the 6758 over the 7163 to keep myself from pushing this motor too hard.


Picked up all the parts for officially making my car a "FlexFuel" car. Sadly, most of the bolt-on parts of this kit won't work with my custom fuel system... So it's basically an expensive converter from Cobb.



None of the brackets included fit my setup due to how my fuel system is run and where my fuel filter is placed. The converter box won't mount where they call to mount them on the intake due to my fuel filter being there.


On a quest of STi erudition!


On a quest of STi erudition!
Haha, you noticed! I am selling.... I don't drive it, partially because it is too nice and I'm past my 10-year itch. Hopefully it sells well, because it's built well.

Hard not to notice! I hope you still stick around the forum, though. You should make a journal for the S2k!

I also hope it sells well!


I'll still be around. I still tune Subaru's more than any car. Cobb authorized me as a ProTuner earlier this year and I support Subaru, GT-R, and VW's through their software, currently.

Once the STi is out and space is cleared, the S2000 is my focus. It's been neglected for some time, just sitting in the garage and I really need to get it back on the race track with all the new additions.

BTW, if you haven't seen it yet... I recommend checking out Netflix's Fastest Car - Season 2, Episode 3. I am on that episode with a customer I tune:




It's been pretty cool seeing my name on the preview for the show when you scroll onto the series. :)



Not quite, but I sold it for about $5k more than I paid for it and I probably only had about $10k into it. And I learned the platform, which has more than made up the difference. I think I could ha e listed it and held out for more, but I also want the space back.

The guy buying it happens to have 3 old SHO's and anyone that knows me, knows I know a thing or 2 about SHO's. He got excited to hear that as he wants to buokd a race car out of one.. Plus, he has a bunch of Porsche's, Ferrari's, Lambo's, etc. He's actually very excited to get the car as he said he had been searching for a couple years. It sounds like he works on his own cars as well.

I won't build a street car ever again... With what you can buy now, there's isn't much point. Track car is a different story, but I am still bang for buck and do it all myself.

I have a brand new Cobb FlexFuel kit for sale, if anyone is interested.


On a quest of STi erudition!
Well, it worked out in the end.

It also looks like you made a valuable friend in the process.

Do you plan on ever getting another performance Subaru (WRX, STi, or BRZ) vehicle in the future?


I don't plan on another Subaru... The options out there these days for a fun car are far better bang-for-buck outside of Subaru. In the mid-to-late 2000's, the STi was a tremendous bang-for-buck... But they essentially still sell that very same car today. I don't need a car that does everything, so a Subaru doesn't make sense for me. That said, I'll still help people build and tune them. They are still fun, if that's what you want to build!

I put the car back on 91 Octane and will be on the dyno with it tomorrow. From there, the new owner will be taking it.