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  • How To: (VIDEO) Build A Rear Diffuser For Under $100

    🔴UPDATE: 11 December 2016
    🔴Part 2 is now posted. In the second video, I show how to add fiberglass and bed liner to your diffuser.

    This video explains how I built my own rear diffuser out of foam board & fiberglass. There are other DIY diffusers out there, but I have never seen any like this. This is 100% my own idea & design. I know it's not the nicest out there, but for under $100, its a fun, easy, DIY option. Mine has been on my car for 2.5 years now & is holding up just fine.

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I will be making a video in the future showing the fiberglass & bed liner processes, but if you've ever used either before, you could probably figure it out easy enough.

    NOTE: The diffuser tucks under my bumper. The black you see on the outside is plastidip I sprayed on to mimic the "Mature" style of diffuser seen here.http://www.forcewerkz.com/2002-2007-...-carbon-fiber/

    🔴TIME TO COMPLETE: About 3 hours to build. It could take much more to figure out the angles, how to trim it, & how to mount it.

    The first time I did this project it took me about 20-30 hours total to complete. However, a large majority of that time was spent figuring out how to make my idea work. I have never seen a diffuser like this, so it was completely new to me & I was creating the process as I went.


    1 box🔧cardboard box (cut for template)🔧$2
    3-4 sheets 🔧foam board🔧$5 each
    1 roll🔧masking tape🔧$4
    3-4 bags🔧 fiberglass cloth🔧$7 per bag of 8sq ft
    2 quarts🔧fiberglass resin🔧$15 per quart OR $40 per gallon
    varies🔧brushes, mixing cups, etc🔧$5
    varies🔧mounting hardware🔧$5-10
    1🔧respirator mask🔧$30+
    1 can🔧 truck bed liner🔧$7

    🔧🔧TOTAL: About $130 plus tax if you don't have anything on the list. The resin, fiberglass, & respirator are the most expensive things.

    UPDATE: 11 December 2016

    Part 2 is now posted. In this second video, I show how to add fiberglass and bed liner to your diffuser.

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